Under construction

I still intend to incrementally complete the list of my commercial software projects as time permits but it due to its low priority no delivery date can be set...
I have been a commercial software developer from 1993 until 2006. More specifically, I have been a (product) software entrepeneur for SME's from 1997 until 2003. Over these years I developed software products such as the ones presented below.

  • Wizzer Studio (2001-2004) This ambitious Application platform was never publicly released, apart from several pilot applications...
  • AOG 2005 - Taxatierapport Agrarisch & Onroerend Vastgoed (2006) was the final software version in a long series of appraisal programmes with a cross-platform, template-based HTML printing engine, among many other features. This is to date the only productsoftware available to appraise agrarian property in the Netherlands.
  • TAX 2002 - Financieringstaxatie Woonruimte (2003) for house appraisers had around 75 happy customers at the time of its last update in 2005. The previous version was called TAX 2000.
  • JM BackOffice for recruitment agencies (2003) has been in use for years at a few SME's in the employee services sector.
  • IP-location mapping configuration client (2001) was my first STL-only C++ project.
  • Fake-IP browser report (2000) was an ip-address-related feasibility study.
  • IP-location mapping COM client (2000) was a COM object running under the Windows system account accessible from other Windows services. I found several Window NT4 Server bugs doing this project, unfortunately. One of the climaxes must have been the one time that I finally got a third-level support reply from Redmond stating that I should rewrite my library to not use the Microsoft library...
  • TAX! 99 - Financieringstaxatie Woonruimte
    (1999) was the forerunner of the series of appraisal programmes listed above.
  • Transparant - Multimedia CD-ROM (1999)--designed for Internet Explorer--is an interactive HTML-based production. It is part of the "Transparant" History method for highschool students and seems to be still available.
  • Insertable Objects packages (1997-2002) are collections of MFC ActiveX controls which make up the componentised functionality of most of the applications above. Over the years components in the following categories were developed and deployed:
    • Information Retrieval Services (FreeText)
    • Open Database Connectivity Services (ODBC)
    • Text Processing Services (Text)
    • File System Services (File)
    • General Purpose Utilities (Utility)
    • User Interface Services (Window)
    • Backward Compatibility Services (Legacy)
  • XyMAGIC (1997) is a C/C++ wrapper library for the XyINDEX API library and gateway to the Magic Software RDBMS.
Finally, I made several freeware utility programmes (which I won't make available here as they've outlived their purpose by now) such as the following:
  • Mail Agent:
    A Windows systemtray programme which periodically checks all your email addresses for new messages.
  • Replace: A Windows systemwide Search & Replace programme.