AG Connect, better known as the former Automatiseringsgids weekly magazine for IT professionals in the Netherlands, interviewed me for their special issue on SuperScience in Healthcare, which was published on Oct 7, 2022, both online and in print. [UL news item, Health Campus The Hague news item]
 The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus (LDE) Universities whitepaper Towards a Healthy Society for Everyone contains 14 duo-interviews. One of these discusses AI technology for tailored health interventions, titled The role of artificial intelligence is still marginal, with Dr. Iris Wallenburg and myself.

  My inaugural lecture on April 1, 2022, was well advertised...

Here's the original link: NL/EN on the News website of LUMC. 

 My move from Utrecht to Leiden made the local news... Here's a follow-up bilingual interview NL/EN on the News website of Leiden University, with more technical details...

My professional opinion on the Sleepwet/WiV has made the homepage and the regional news headlines...
On 9 February 2017, Utrecht University issued a press release [url] on the notable occasion that I received both another European Horizon2020 project (SMESEC) and a Swiss grant (OPTICA) to further the development of the STRIP Assistant platform for polypharmacy optimisation.  

On March 20, 2015 Utrecht University issued a press release [url] regarding the European Horizon2020 funding for the further development of the STRIP Assistant platform for polypharmacy optimisation.  

I was interviewed by the regional member magazine Rabobank Dichterbij. It was published in its Autumn issue of 2011.
  • Systeem voor huisartsen: Marco Spruit maakt medische kennis toegankelijk (2011). Rabobank Dichterbij, September 2011, p.10.
I also appear in the current brochure of the Master in Business Informatics.

Furthermore, my PhD research did not remain unnoticed by the national media.

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