Bachelorklas 2014-2015

Date More information
18 November 2014Introduction to bachelor projects (1)
2 December 2014Introduction to bachelor projects (2)
9 December 2014Introduction to bachelor projects (3)
14 January 2015Overview of project choices
28 January 2015Instructions for the poster presentation session
11 February 2015Discussion of poster drafts
25 February 2015Poster presentations
18 March 2015Instructions for giving presentations
1 April 2015Presentation session
8 April 2015Information about master's programmes
15 April 2015Instructions for writing a thesis
29 April 2015Parallel presentation sessions
13 May 2015Parallel presentation sessions
27 May 2015Parallel presentation sessions
10 June 2015Ethical and societal aspects of research in computer science: guest lecture by Bas Haring
26, 29 June 2015Final presentations