My PhD thesis

I finished my dissertation “In Search of the Why” in 2009 under the supervision of Lou Boves and I defended it in April 2010. These are the key publications from my PhD research project:

  • Developing an approach for why-QA‘ (pdf), which was published in the proceedings of EACL 2006.
  • Discourse-based answering of why-questions‘ (pdf), which was published in TAL (2007), 47(2).
  • What is not in the Bag of Words for Why-QA‘ (pdf), which was published in Computational Linguistics (2011), 36(2).
  • Learning to Rank for Why-Question Answering‘ (pdf), which was published in Information Retrieval (2011), 14(2):107-132.

Download my PhD thesis in pdf.

If you are not a researcher from the field and you want to learn what my work is about, you can read this article that I wrote for a general audience on Kennislink.