Biomedical Security

Spring 2021

(Under Construction! Last updated: 9-5 2021)


Organizer:  Dr Erwin M Bakker

Assistant:  .na


Period: April 1st - May 20th 2021

Place:   Kaltura (Room will be available on BrightSpace, also upon request by email))

Time:   16.15 - 18.00




Description: The course Biomedical Security will give an overview of important algorithms, systems and aspects for the security of biomedical data. It starts with an introduction on Cryptography. Basic cryptographic concepts, algorithms and protocols are discussed. Important biomedical security subjects such as the authentication security, and privacy of patient data; privacy and security in biomedical applications; anonymity, security, and authentication of research data are studied. Finally application security and systems security of biomedical devices are discussed.



The course will be graded based on the student's class participation, assignments, workshop, technical survey (4 pages), and presentation. All assignment sets are graded with a fail/pass. To pass the course, 3 from the 4 assignment sets should have a pass. Final grade = (Workshop Grade + Presentation Grade + Survey Grade)/3.


Schedule (Tentative):

Date Subject
1-4  Introduction to Cryptography: Classical Algorithms ( Assignment Set 1 )
8-4  Introduction to Cryptography: Public Key Algorithms I ( Assignment Set 2 )
15-4  Introduction to Cryptography: Public Key Algorithms II ( Assignment Set 3 see Slide 43 )
22-4  Cryptographic Protocols: Workshop
 Cryptographic Protocols
6-5  Cryptographic Applications  ( Assignment 4 )
13-5  No Class
20-5  Student Presentations: Schedule

 Final assignment: write a Survey on a Biomedical Security Subject.


Note: Slides will be made available after the lectures.


Recommended reading:


W. Stallings, Cryptography and Network Security, Principles and Practice (7th Edition), Pearsons Education Limited, September 2016. (ISBN 9781292158587)