Thesis Supervision

Media Technology, Computer Science and ICT in Business

I supervise students from a variety of programs, including Media Technology, Computer Science and ICT in Business.

Current projects

  • Dejan Radosavljevik, PhD candidate Computer Science (external, T Mobile). Bridging the gap between network and customer analytics & data mining.
  • Jamil Young. Effect Caused by Surveyor Visualization Types on Honesty in Surveys and Interviews. MSc Media Technology, with Robin de Lange.
  • Matei Szabo. A project in computational creativity, to create an automated VJ using machine learning. MSc Media Technology.
  • Thiago Elid. A project that uses instagram to create a new Happiness Index. MSc Media Technology.

Past projects

Computer Science PhD

  • Hafeez Osman (2015). Interactive scalable condensation of reverse engineered UML class diagrams for software comprehension. PhD Computer Science, co promotor with Michel Chaudron

Media Technology MSc

  • Hadiss Yousefi (2016). Guiding through the Dawn: Effect of Visual Stimuli and Aids on Early Onset Young Dementia Patients. First supervisor, with Max van Duijn.
  • Marjolijn Ruyg (2016). Does the Data Doppelganger Reside in The Uncanny Valley? First supervisor, with Gabriele Ferri (HvA).
  • Xander Bos (2016). Computer assisted brainstorming. Which ideation tool is best and what makes it best? Second supervisor, with Maarten Lamers.
  • Yasser S. Arenas Rebolledo (2016). MSc Media Technology. A test for a Lovelace machine. First supervisor, with Maarten Lamers.
  • Bernd Dudzik (2015). Having a heart-to-heart: Exploring the capacity of heartbeat-feedback to mediate affective information in interpersonal communication. First supervisor, with Joost Broekens (TUD).
  • Paul Kasteleyn (2015). Improving depth awareness for divers in free ascent. First supervisor with Olivier van der Post.
  • Jorrit Siebelink (2015). Message framing seen through the eyes of a warrior: Studying the framing effect in relation to virtual persona. First supervisor, with M. Kaptein.
  • Sabrina Verhage (2015). Track & Trace: Improving the chance for serendipitous encounters in urban public space using a drawing bot. First supervisor with Chris Kievid.
  • Jules Verdijk (2015). Evolving Affective Abstract Art through Measures Learned from a Corpus of Human-Made Art. First supervisor, with Eelco den Heijer.
  • Livia Teernstra (2015). (A)moral Machine: exploring the creation and application of an automated moral classifier. First supervisor with Fons Verbeek.
  • Jiang Zhenghua (2015). The Effects of Combining Video and Music with Conflicting Emotional Content on Self-reported Emotional Experience. First supervisor, with Maarten Lamers.
  • Sam Verkoelen (2015). Exploring Dimensionality Reduction on Semi-structured Photos — A Closer Look at Exactitudes. Second supervisor with Maarten Lamers.
  • Andrés Pardo Rodríguez (2014). Say Cheese! Taking Pictures in the Rijksmuseum. First supervisor with G.J. Nauta.
  • Guido Huijser (2014). The Relation between Expectations and Appraisal in Music Discovery driven by Music-related Imagery. First supervisor with Maarten Lamers.
  • Arne Boon (2014). Forgetick: Reminding to Forget in Digital Culture. First Supervisor with Bas Haring.
  • Rosen Bogdanov (2013), Human Plant Interaction. First supervisor.
  • Berend Nordeman (2012): "Data Storage on Paper", First supervisor with Maarten Lamers.

ICT in Business

  • Yan Zhang (2016). Humor Recognition Based on Background Knowledge: a Preliminary Study. Second supervisor, with Enrique Larios Vargas.
  • Deepak Soekhoe (2016). A project on knowledge transfer in Deep Learning. First supervisor, with Aske Plaat.
  • Stijn Pielage (2015). Mobile Business Intelligence & Analytics at KLM. Second supervisor with Aske Plaat.
  • Mohammad R. Alaeikhanehshir (2014). Business Intelligence Improvement. Second supervisor with Hans LeFever.
  • Ricardo Blikman (2013). Ranking of Multi Word Terms. Second supervisor, with Joost Kok.
  • Seher Altinay (2013). Data Quality Management: A Solvency II Perspective. First supervisor, with Emiel Caron.
  • Irna Wahyuni (2013). Providing Mobile Money to Unbanked Customers. First supervisor, with Hans LeFever.
  • Jonathan Masey (2012). A conceptual model: Identifying the drivers of pricing elasticity in Electronics. First supervisor, with Michel Chaudron.
  • Adrian Kentsch (2011): "Exploratory Recommendations Using Wikipedia's Linking Structure", second supervisor with Walter Kosters and Frank Takes.
  • Dejan Radosavljevik (2009): "Prepaid Churn Modeling Using Customer Experience Management Key Performance Indicators", second supervisor with Hans Borgman and Kim K. Larsen.
  • Zhen Ni (2007): "Recommendations for an Improved Transactional Forecasting Tool Model in ABN AMRO". First supervisor with Thomas Baeck, Maaike Lycklama a Nijeholt and ABN AMRO.
  • Ning Xu (2007): Explanation Interfaces in Recommender Systems. First supervisor with Walter Kosters.
  • Lei Tao (2006): "Using Genetic Programming to Find Optimal Purchase-Ordering Rules". Second supervisor with Thomas Baeck.
  • Bastiaan Maat (2006): "The Need For Fusing Head & Neck Cancer Data. Can More Data Provide A Better Data Mining Model For Predicting Survivability Of Head & Neck Cancer Patients?". First supervisor, with Walter Kosters and Leiden University Medical Center.
  • Gong Chao (2006): "Simulation and Optimization in Analytical and Collaborative Customer Relationship Management". First supervisor, with Walter Kosters and Chordiant Software.
  • Rui Chen (2006): "Application of Collaborative Filtering Algorithm in Bioinformatics". First supervisor, with Walter Kosters.
  • Zhaochun Sun (2005): "EQPD, A Way to Improve the Accuracy of Mining Fused Data?". First supervisor, with Walter Kosters.
  • Sergio Prieto Ballons (2005): "Crime Data Mining: An Overview and Applications". First supervisor, with Walter Kosters and Sentient Information Systems.
  • Lina Sun (2005): "Making the right offer to the right customer: strategies for real world multi product decisions". First supervisor, with Walter Kosters.
  • Daniel van Hilten en Wouter Volkeri (2005): "What is the impact of cultural differences on multi-site software development?". Second supervisor, with Hans Borgman and an Enterprise Software Vendor.
  • Wei Zhang (2005): "Evolving Technical Trading Rules with a Hybrid Genetic Programming and Evolution Strategies Approach". Second Supervisor, with Thomas Baeck.
  • Ling Jun Meng (2004): "Artificial Immune System for Knowledge Discovery". First supervisor, with Walter Kosters.

Computer Science MSc (& related studies, MSc if not specified)

  • Martijn Post (2016). Mythbusting data mining myths with Open ML. BSc Computer Science. First supervisor, with Jan van Rijn.
  • Palupi Kusuma (2013). Extending traditional telecom churn prediction using social network data. First supervisor, with Frank Takes and Dejan Radosavljevik.
  • Ana Isabel Loureiro (2013). Quantitative evaluation of clustering: an application to the banking sector. Second supervisor, with Carlos Soares (University of Porto)
  • Martin Illiev (2012): "A Method for Automated Prediction of Defect Severity Using Ontologies". MSc Computer Science, second supervisor with Michel Chaudron.
  • Palupi Kusuma (2012). Mobile Data Usage Pattern Mining. Science Based Business internship at T-Mobile, with Dejan Radosavljevik.
  • Menno Israel (2006): "Visual Scene Classification." MSc Cognitive Science, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, company supervisor, with Egon van den Broek.
  • Thijs van Starkenburg (2006): "Improving cancer survivability prognostication software: Experiments with the World Wide Web, Neural Networks and Data mining." MSc Computer science, second supervisor, with Joost Kok and Leiden University Medical Center.
  • Jinshuo Liu (2005): "Shape Analysis & Pattern Recognition of the Pathogen Yeast Crytococcus neoformans Using Image". MSc Computer Science, Second supervisor, with Fons Verbeek.
  • Zan Li & Tiang Feng (2005): "Outdoor Image Orientation on the basis of Neural Networks." Project study Computer Science, second supervisor with Nies Huijsmans
  • Xander van Pelt (2001): A Constrained Data Fusion Approach. MSc. Thesis, Computer Science. company supervisor, with Walter Kosters and Sentient Machine Research.
  • Martijn Ramaekers (2000): M. Ramaekers, Een procesmodel voor Data Fusie. Internship Bedrijfsinformatietechnology University of Twente, company supervisor, with Maurice van Keulen and Sentient Machine Research
  • Irene Matzken (2000): "Evaluation of the Vicar Video Navigator", project study Computer Science, company supervisor, Sentient Machine Resarch.
  • Michel de Ruiter (1999): "Bayesian classification in data mining: theory and practice." MSc. Thesis, BWI, Free University of Amsterdam, company supervisor, with Wojtek Kowlaczy and Sentient Machine Research.
  • Roelien van Waas (1999), "A Secure Electronic Marketplace with Matching facilities: a framework for a SEMM++-application", MSc Cognitive Science and Engineering, company supervisor Sentient Machine Research.
  • Pascal Wijbenga (1998): "Parseren van autoadvertenties", MSc Computer Science Nijmegen University, company supervisor Sentient Machine Research