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I like writing for the general public, or at least for non academic audiences, and I regurlary present at various conferences and events. Partially it comes with my industry job, but I also think that whilst research and innovation is hard to stop, researchers and technologists have a responsibility towards the wider public to let them know what the opportunities but also what the potential risks are. And it can be suprisingly hard to write a simple article on relatively complex matters - harder than producing some academic papers.

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Bots Like You, web site, incl recorded presentations and interviews

Popular publications, presentations and interviews

Maarten H. Lamers en Peter van der Putten. Speels Onderzoek, Terugkoppeling, periodiek van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor het Onderwijs in de Natuurwetenschappen 27(1): pp 6-8, 2018

Peter van der Putten en M.H. Lamers. Bots Like You, Terugkoppeling, periodiek van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor het Onderwijs in de Natuurwetenschappen 27(1): pp 14-16, 2018.

Dark Matters: Ontdek je donkere plekje. Video interview Leiden.tv, June 3 2017

Peter van der Putten. Centaurs Like You. Presentation at ABN AMRO Innovation Friday. March 24, 2017.

Peter van der Putten over Robots. Radio interview by Sleutelstad. March 8, 2017.

Peter van der Putten. Teaching an old dog new tricks: Transfer learning in deep neural networks. Medium post, 2016.

Peter van der Putten. Should a Machine Make Moral Judgements? Medium post, 2016.

Rosen Bogdanov and Peter van der Putten. Hello Plant! Deepening Human Connections to Plants by Sonic Augmentation. AR[t], vol 6, May 2014,pp 42-47.

Peter van der Putten. Data Mining is Dood, Lang Leve Decisioning. Database Magazine, nr 3, May 2009

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Peter van der Putten. Datamining in Bedrijf. Informatie en Informatiebeleid 17:3, November 1999.

Peter van der Putten. Vicar Video Navigator: Content Based Video Search Engines Become a Reality. Broadcast Hardware International, IBC edition, September 1999. 
[zipped postscript 762K]

Peter van der Putten. Graven naar Klantgegevens. Informatie en Informatiebeleid 17:2, June 1999.
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Peter van der Putten and Joost N. Kok. Aan de slag met datamining. Praktijkgids Bedrijfsinformatiesystemen. Wolters Kluwer Ten Hagen Stam, The Hague, April 1999. 
[zipped postscript 441K]

Peter van der Putten and Adri van der Wurff. De invoering van database marketing systemen: data mining als twistpunt. CustomerBase Jaarboek '99, December 1998. 
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Peter van der Putten. Hoe gaat data mining volwassen worden. CustomerBase, December 1997.

E. Wagenaar. Data Mining in Marketing Databases. In cooperation with P. van der Putten en M. den Uyl. Executive Report DMSA,  October 1997. In Dutch. 
[zipped postscript 388K]