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In the Documents ISiLS 2004 section of this website you will find all documents relevant to the writing of your ISiLS paper. Questions regarding the instructions and word templates should be directed to Fons Verbeek (20-12-2004).

The deadline for a submission of an abstract is January 4th 2005. Please submit ASAP so that you can start the work on writing the paper (12-12-2004).

The papers presented on 2 December 2004 can be found in the section "papers for the seminars". Please report any problems with extracting the papers from this sections.

As of 28-10-2004 all lectures will be held in room 412, from 19.00 till 21.00

Course Contents

In molecular life sciences a tremendous progress has been made in the past decades. The fact that information and knowledge, biomedical molecular information in particular, could be shared amongst scientists. The introduction and rise of Internet has been crucial for this development. At this moment a large number of bio-molecular resources are available and one can not imagine a world without them. It has become part of the standard inventory of a modern life sciences laboratory.

It is increasingly important to share and link information from these resources and this requires a thourough knowledge and understanding of the structure of these information systems. Using a selection of recently published papers a number of information systems will be discussed. These systems cover genomics, proteomics but also image databases. In addition, attention will be given to usability of the system and the design in terms of user interaction and underlying database design.

This seminarium will be given by a number of lecturers, each responisble for a specific theme. These are, Dr. E. Bakker, Dr. N Huijsmans and Dr. Ir. F. Verbeek (also coordinator). The selected papers will be introduced by the lecturers. From the selected papers a number will be discussed by the participants. In conclusion, each participant writes a paper about one of the presented subjects.

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