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Complex Patterns in Streams


The COMPASS project (Complex Patterns in Streams), a NWO funded research project, is a cooperation between the Data Mining groups of LIACS (Leiden University) and Databases and Hypermedia (DH) at TU Eindhoven.
The goal of the project is the development of stream mining techniques for complex patterns such as graphs. We will try to extend the existing state-of-the-art techniques into two, orthogonal directions: on the one hand, the mining of more complex patterns in streams, such as sequential patterns and evolving graph patterns (for example social networks), and on the other hand, more natural stream support measures taking into account the temporal nature of most data streams. In order to test our methods, we will have access to the data streams generated by a sensor network mounted on the "Hollandse Brug" in The Netherlands.

Leiden University Full project proposal (pdf)
This project ran from 2009 to 2014.


Name Affilation Role E-mail
dr. T.G.K. (Toon) Calders TU Eindhoven Project leader t.calders@tue.nl
dr. W.A. (Walter) Kosters Leiden University Project co-leader kosters@liacs.nl
prof.dr. P.M.E. (Paul) de Bra TU Eindhoven Collaborator / Thesis advisor debra@win.tue.nl
prof. dr. J.N. (Joost) Kok Leiden University Collaborator / Thesis advisor joost@liacs.nl
dr. H. (Hendrik) Blockeel Leiden University Collaborator hendrik.blockeel@cs.kuleuven.be
dr. A.J. (Arno) Knobbe Leiden University Collaborator knobbe@liacs.nl
dr. M. (Mykola) Pechenizkiy TU Eindhoven Collaborator m.pechenizkiy@tue.nl
T.L. (Lam) Hoang MSc TU Eindhoven PhD student t.l.hoang@tue.nl
F.W. (Frank) Takes MSc Leiden University PhD student ftakes@liacs.nl
B. (Bas) Obladen Strukton Expert Hollandse Brug  

Publications & Resources

A list of publications and resources can be found through the webpages of Hoang Thanh Lam and Frank Takes.