Overarching Learning Goals of EssenCS

Overarching learning goals

Computing Systems

  • You know what computing systems comprise of
  • You know what discrete, digital computing is, and how it compares to other computing models (analog, biological, quantum)
  • You know what the scope and applications of computing systems are, and you know about basic examples (computing for bio, security (cryptocurrencies, blockchain), AI, economics)
  • You know what the role of operating systems (OS), computer networks (CN) and computer architectures (CA) in computing systems
  • You know what role abstraction plays in the organisation and implementation of CS
  • You know what an operating system does
  • You know what computer networks are and how they are organised in layers
  • You know what the architecture of computers comprises
  • You know what protocols are in general and how they occur in the specific topics

Supplementary Skills

  • Presenting
  • Teamwork and project organisation
  • Technical/scientific Writing