Tutor Statistics

Autumn 2011

(Last updated: 6-2 2012)


Organizer: Dr Erwin M Bakker


Period: September 28th 2011 - December 2011

Place:  Room 403 (LIACS, Snelliusgebouw)

Time:   13.45 - 15.30


ECTS: 10


Description: The course consists of a series of lectures/sessions and assignment on probability theory and statistics.



There will be several assignments and a 2 exams. The final grade will be equal to the average of the 2 exams.




Exam Part I: on Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of the book: J.A. Rice, Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis 3rd Edition.

Date: Wednesday February 22nd 2012

Time: 15.45 - 17.45

Place: to be announced

Note: It will be a closed book exam. You are allowed to use a calculator and 4x A4 with your own notes.



  • [1] J.A. Rice, Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis 3rd Edition (Paperback)


  1. C.M. Grinstead, J.L. Snell, Introduction to Probability, 2nd Edition, American Mathematical Society, 2006.

  2. All slides used during the lectures.

Schedule (tentative):

Date   Subject
28-9 2011  Kick-off meeting Part I.  Introduction and Discrete Probability Distributions
     Continuous Probability Densities and Induction Intro & Notes
     Conditional Probability
   Distributions and densities
   Expected Value and Variance
 Sums of Random Variables
 Law of Large Numbers
 Central Limit Theorem
 Hypothesis Testing
 Part II
 Survey Sampling
 Estimation of Parameters and Fitting of Probability Distributions
 Testing Hypotheses and Assessing Goodness of Fit
 Summarizing Data
 Comparing Two Samples
 The Analysis of Variance
 The Analysis of Categorical Data
 Linear Least Squares
   Decision Theory and Bayesian Inference


Note: Slides will be available right after the lectures.


Reading Assignments (Part I):

  1. Read Chapter 1 of the book [1] (Due 5-10 2011)

  2. Read Chapter 2 of the book [1] (Due 12-10 2011)

  3. Read Chapter 3 of the book [1] (Due 30-11 2011)

Reading Assignments (Part II):

  1. Read Chapter 4 of the book [1]

  2. Read Chapter 5 of the book [1]

  3. Read Chapter 6 of the book [1]


  • Chapter 1: 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 32, 33, 35, 39, 72, 73 (Due 5-10 2011)




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