Fundamentals of Digital Systems Design, Fall 2019

Course Topics:

Number Systems, Binary Arithmetic Operations, Decimal and Alphanumeric Codes, Boolean Algebra, Combinational Logic Circuits, Combinational Functions and Circuits, Arithmetic Functions and Circuits, Sequential Circuits, Memory Basics, Computer Design Basics.

Main Lecturer: Dr. ir. Todor Stefanov
Svetlana Minakova, Erqian Tang, Sobhan Niknam, Rens Dofferhoff, Ruben Wijnia, Christophe Nagelkerken, Jakob Wuhrer, Robin Smit, John Gunn, Nicolas Radunovic, Ruben Schuitemaker

Course Organization (Structure and Rules)

Important: Regular attendance at lectures/tutorials and doing homeworks is strongly recommended. To prepare for exams, you can practice on the examples given at lectures/tutorials and in homeworks!