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Aurora, Trømso

Recent highlights and publications

pic1 Feb '19: paper "Active learning machine learns to create new quantum experiments" (published version, arXiv) done in collaboration with amazing colleagues at University of Innsbruck and IQOQI and University of Vienna awarded the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Cozzarelli Prize.


Dec '18: paper "Computational Speedups Using Small Quantum Devices" (published version, arXiv) done with friends at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics selected as Phys. Rev. Lett. Editor's Suggestion, and featured in Physics.

Full list of publications (37 published + 9 pre-prints) can be found here.

All my publications are available on arXiv, and scientometrics can be found on my google scholar pages.

You can download my (relatively recent) CV here.

Upcoming conferences

I will be giving talks at the following upcoming conferences and events:
Dec 2019: Quantum Natural Language Processing 2019, Oxford, UK (link)
Oct 2019: ICFO Quantum Machine Learning Workshop 2019, Barcelona, Spain (link)
Sept 2019: QuantumAlgo consortium workshop, Amsterdam, Netherlands (link)
July 2019: QuHackEd; the first Quantum Computing Hackathon in Scotland (link)
June 2019: It from Qubit school of the YITP workshop on Quantum Information and String Theory 2019 (link)
May 2019: 13th biennial symposium of the Dutch Research School of Theoretical Physics (link)
Apr 2019: 55th Dutch Mathematical Congress (NMC’19) (link)
Apr 2019: ESA Workshop of the Quantum Information and Measurement V conference (link)