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I am associate professor at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) of the Leiden University.

From 2001 till 2006 I have been a research fellow of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences (in Dutch: KNAW).

Previously, I have worked at the Free University in Amsterdam and at the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) in Amsterdam.

I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science at the Free University in Amsterdam, in 1996, and my master in Computer Science at the University of Milano.


My research is on formal methods for concurrent and object-oriented systems. Some keywords: coalgebras, algebra, modal logic, category theory, type theory, principles of programming languages, denotational semantics, operational semantics, domain theory, metric spaces, coordination languages, process and object-oriented calculi, pi-calculus, reasoning with names, Java, model checking and testing.

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Current teaching

Events (I am involved in)

  • CMCS 2014
  • ICSOFT-PT 2014
  • ICSOFT-EA 2014
  • SBLP 2014
  • IEEE FMi 2014

Current projects

  • CoRE: Coinductive Calculi of Regular Expressions. NWO Free Competition, August 2010 - December 2015.
  • EcoPro: Enhancing efficiency and expressiveness of the coinduction proof method. NWO Free Competition, July 2014 - June 2018.

Past and present PhD students

  1. Juan Guillen Scholten (completed 2007, Leiden University)
  2. Joost Jacob (completed 2008, Leiden University)
  3. Andries Stam(completed 2009, Leiden University)
  4. Andreas Gruener (completed in 2010, Leiden University)
  5. Alexandra Silva (completed in 2010, Radboud University of Nijmegen)
  6. Mohammad Izadi (completed in 2011, Leiden University)
  7. Stijn de Gouw (completed in 2013, Leiden University)
  8. Georgiana Caltais (completed in 2013, Radboud University of Nijmegen)
  9. Joost Winter (completed in 2014, Radboud University of Nijmegen)
  10. Bahman Pourvatan
  11. Jurrian Rot
  12. Julian Salamanca

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