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   Last update: July 31st 2015

Contact Information

Dave Stikkolorum

Niels Bohrweg 1
2333 CA Leiden
the Netherlands

Office 150, Snellius Building (route)
Phone +31 - (0)71 - 527 7050
Fax +31 - (0)71 527 6985

Research Area

Phd research: Improving software design skills of students
For certain students it seems to be more difficult to make a good design than others. We want to discover wich skills students can train to better their design skills. Underlaying skills like abstract reasoning we explore.

Current Work

Student strategies during software design

Online Class Diagram Editor WebUml


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  • Dave R. Stikkolorum, Michel R.V. Chaudron, Oswald de Bruin The Art Of Software Design, a Video Game for Learning Design Principles (to be published in Models2012 Workshop proceedings)

    Best Paper Award on Models 2012
  • Hafeez Osman, Dave R. Stikkolorum, Arjan van Zadelhoff, Michel R.V. Chaudron, UML Class Diagram Simplification: What is in the developer’s mind? (to be published in Models2012 Workshop proceedings)


C++ programming - Game / Simulation programming - UML - Home Automation - HTML5 - PHP


Software Engineering (requirements engineering) - 2012
Software Engineering (assisting UML modeling) - 2011

The Hague University