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Advanced Compilers and Architectures

Spring 2011

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Harry Wijshoff, Dr. Erwin Bakker
Assistants: Kristian Rietveld, Mattias Holm.

Advanced Compilers and Architectures (ACA) is a free format course. The exact contents of the course differ each year and will be established together with the students attending the course. We will build on the courses Computer Architecture, Compiler Construction and Operating Systems.

The topic of this year will be optimization of virtual memory management. We will look into generating a per-application virtual memory management system using a compiler. Finally, the aim is to merge this system into the executable automatically using compiler technology.

We meet every Tuesday at 13:45 in room 403.


Course material consists of hand-outs of recent articles.


Examination will most likely consist out of a paper presentation and a project.

Mailing list

A mailing list is used for this class, by sending e-mail to aca2011@liacs.nl you will reach all participants of the class.

Upcoming deadlines

The following project deadline were set during class on May 3:

May 31: Martin, Patric & Wouter.

June 6: Xiwen & Giso.

June 13: Frank, Jaron & Marius.

August 31: Liu Wei.


You can reach us by sending e-mail to krietvel (at) liacs.nl or drop by in room 142.


February 1, 2011No class!
February 8, 2011No class!
February 15, 2011Introduction to topic. Introduction to LLVM by Mattias Holm.
February 22, 2011The ARM MMU by Mattias Holm
March 1, 2011Literature Inventory. We have asked you to search for literature about compiler-assisted memory management. For today's class, prepare an informal (no powerpoint required, using the blackboard is fine/preferred) and short presentation (5 minutes) based on what you have found and any other ideas you might have.
March 8, 2011First brainstorm session. Remember to send your proposals to the mailing list before Monday March 7 at noon.
March 15, 2011Brainstorm session. Send a one paragraph re-description of your project to the mailing list before Monday March 14 at noon.
March 22, 2011
March 29, 2011Discussion on progress.
April 5, 2011Discussion on progress.
April 12, 2011Discussion on progress.
April 19, 2011Presentation by Martin Iliev (TLB miss optimization). Followed by progress reporting.
April 21, 2011Hacking session in room 405
April 26, 2011Progress reports.
May 3, 2011Presentation by Martin Iliev (Data cache miss optimization). Followed by progress reports.
May 10, 2011Presentation by Martin Iliev (Instruction cache miss optimization). Followed by progress reports.
May 17, 2011From May 17 on, it is no longer obligatory to attend the progress meetings.
June 7, 2011Progress meeting.
June 14, 2011Progress meeting.
There will be no further progress meetings. We expect your final reports to be handed in by e-mail


We are using the OMAP3530 chip, which contains an ARM Cortex-A8 (we will post the exact revision as soon as we extract this data from the chip).

Information on the ARM chip
Cortex-A8 Technical Reference Manual, for example the one here. For much more detail, refer to the ARMv7-A (the Cortex-A8 is an ARMv7-A) Architecture Reference Manual, available here, but only after free registration.

Information on the OMAP chip
Refer to the Technical Reference Manual of the OMAP35x Applications Processor, available from Texas Instruments. The latest revision is SPRUF98O from February 2011 (25 MB!).

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