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Advanced Compilers and Architectures

Spring 2010

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Harry Wijshoff, Dr. Erwin Bakker
Assistants: Kristian Rietveld MSc, Mattias Holm MSc and Drs. Harmen van der Spek

ACA is a free format course and this year we will split in a research group and a project study. During the first weeks of the course students will give presentations to become acquainted with the theme. The general theme of the course this year will be on combining advanced compilers and architectures with database management systems. We meet every Tuesday at 13:45 in room 174.


You can reach us by sending e-mail to krietvel (at) liacs.nl or drop by in room 142.


February 2, 2010Organizational matter
February 9, 2010 1st block: Presentation on our group's current work in this area by Kristian Rietveld
2nd block: Presentation: Introduction to LLVM by Mattias Holm
February 16, 2010 Student presentations on "Compiler optimization techniques"
Data dependence (Ilias Bilikas)
Algorithm Parallization (Mark Smit)
February 23, 2010No class.
March 2, 2010LLVM workshop. We will meet in room 411!
March 9, 2010 Student presentations on "Architectural optimizations in databases"
Database Algorithm Optimization (J. Vis)
Data Morphing (Rick van der Zwet)
March 16, 2010Student presentations on "Other approaches to database systems"
BigTable (Wouter de Zwijger)
C-Store (Ran Tao)
MapReduce (Zhenyang Li)
March 23, 2010Brainstorm meeting
March 30, 2010Brainstorm meeting
April 6, 2010Presentation of Project Plans
April 13, 2010Progress meeting
April 20, 2010Progress meeting, we will start at 14:00
April 27, 2010Progress meeting, we will start at 13:00!
Additional meetings
May 18, 2010Progress meeting; everybody reports on the progress made so far. We will meet from 14:00 to 16:00.
June 1, 2010Progress meeting. We will meet from 14:00 to 16:00. We will meet at 14:00 in the Snellius canteen and look for an available room together.
June 15, 2010Final meeting. Everybody reports on the progress made so far. We will discuss and decide how the projects will be wrapped up. Let's again meet in the canteen at 14:00.


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