CoIL Challenge 2000:

The Insurance Company Case

Peter van der Putten


Maarten van Someren (eds)

Published by Sentient Machine Research, Amsterdam and

Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, Leiden

LIACS Technical Report 2000-09

June 22, 2000



Peter van der Putten, Michel de Ruiter and Maarten van Someren. CoIL Challenge 2000 Tasks and Results: Predicting and Explaining Caravan Policy Ownership. [ps.gz], [pdf

Prediction task winner:

1 Charles Elkan. CoIL Challenge 2000 Entry. [ps.gz], [pdf

Description task winner:

2 YongSeog Kim and W. Nick Street. CoIL Challenge 2000: Choosing and Explaining Likely Caravan Insurance Customers. [ps.gz], [pdf]

Other solutions (in alphabetical order):

3 Achim Lewandowski. How to detect potential customers. [ps.gz], [pdf]

4 Alexander Seewald. CoIL Challenge 2000 Submitted Solution. [ps.gz], [pdf]

5 A.P. White and W.Z. Liu. The CoIL Challenge: an Application of Classification Trees with Bootstrap Aggregation. [ps.gz], [pdf]

6 Andrew Greenyer. Coil 2000 Competition. The use of a learning classifier system JXCS. [ps.gz], [pdf]

7 Arnold Koudijs. CoIL Challenge 2000 Submission for the Description Task. [ps.gz], [pdf]

8 William M. Crocoll. Artificial Neural Network Portion of Coil Study. [ps.gz], [pdf]

9 Chris Leckie and Herman Ferra. COIL Challenge 2000 Description Task. [ps.gz], [pdf]

10 Gustavo Denicolay and Gaston Morales. CoIL Challenge 2000 Submission for the Description Task. [ps.gz] [pdf]

11 Dragan Gamberger. Solution based on ILLM confirmation rule. [ps.gz], [pdf]

12 János Abonyi, Hans Roubos. A Simple Fuzzy Classifier based on Inconsistency Analysis of Labeled Data. [ps.gz],[pdf]

13 Jonathan Carter. Coil 2000 Challenge Submission: Genetic Algorithms and Hill-climbers. [ps.gz], [pdf]

14 Juha Vesanto and Janne Sinkkonen. Submission for the CoIL Challenge 2000. [ps.gz], [pdf]

15 Mark-André Krogel. A Data Mining Case Study. [ps.gz],[pdf]

16 Michel Bera and Bertrand Lamy. Kxen at CoIL Challenge 2000. [ps.gz], [pdf]

17 Paul Rickets. CoIL Challenge 2000 submission. [ps.gz], [pdf]

18 Petr Mikšovský, Jirí Klema. COIL Challenge 2000. [ps.gz], [pdf]

19 Petri Kontkanen. CoIL 2000 Submission. [ps.gz], [pdf]

20 Philip Brierley. COIL 2000 Challenge: Characteristics of caravan insurance policy owners. [ps.gz] [pdf

21 Robert M. Simmonds. ACT Study report using Classification and Regression Tree (CART) Analysis. [ps.gz], [pdf]

22 S. Sathiya Keerthi and Chong Jin Ong. Solution of the CoIL Challenge 2000 Task Using Support Vector Machines. [ps.gz], [pdf

23 Serhiy Shtovba, Yakiv Mashnitskiy. The Backpropagation Multilayer Feedforward Neural Network Based Competition Task Solution.

24 Serhiy Shtovba. Phase Intervals and Genetic Algorithms Based Competition Task Solution. [ps.gz], [pdf]

25 Jurgen A. Doornik and Steve Moyle. LOGIT Modelling. [ps.gz], [pdf]

26 Thomas Martini Jorgensen and Christian Linneberg. Subspace Projections – an approach to variable selection and modeling. [ps.gz], [pdf]

27 Tom McKone and Curt Stenger. COIL CHALLENGE 2000 Submission. [ps.gz], [pdf]

28 Tomislav Šmuc. COIL 2000 Challenge Solution based on ILLM-SG Methodology. [ps.gz], [pdf]

29 Uzay Kaymak and Magne Setnes. Target Selection based on fuzzy clustering: a volume prototype approach to CoIL Challenge 2000. [ps.gz], [pdf]

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