What is it?

The KMenuBarApplet is a Kicker applet which embeds any KMenuBar in a Kicker panel. The applet shows the menu bar of the currently active window, or optionally the Desktop menu if there is no active window. For those active applications which do not have a menu bar the applet displays a window-sensitive default menu bar, also for applications that have not been made with Qt/KDE.


How to install

To use the menubar applet, you have to download the following two sources: Once both have been compiled and installed correctly, the applet can be activated by adding it to a panel. All menubars will be embedded automatically, overriding the preferences for TopLevel/Default locations such as set in the control panel. Once the applet is removed, the menubars return to their TopLevel/Default location. If the Desktop menu bar is activated, it will be embedded too. It will be shown when there is no active window.


On my system, the applet is running reliable most of the times. Known issues are: Previous issues which have been solved are: If you know how to solve one of these issues, I would be very interested.
If there is no KMenuBarApplet, the kmenubar replacement behaves (almost) exactly like the original KMenuBar.