02.03.01. Five years. Obelix speaks Chinese (when drunk)

The Many Languages of Asterix

Comics and languages are fascinating: I collect the comic Astérix by Goscinny and Uderzo in all its translations, from Afrikaans to Welsh. It is always a great surprise to learn about unknown Asterix translations!

My Collection. Languages Wanted: Chinese Yali (Peoples Republic), Filipino (Tagalog), Hindi, Japanese, Telugu, Valencian. Specific Editions: Basque, Galician (2x Mas Ivars), Russian (MDS Moscow), Turkish (Kervan Kitabcilik).

List of Asterix Editions. Many kind correspondents helped to compile the list of Asterix Editions. It contains available languages, dialects, and translations. Now more than 100 languages, more than 1000 translated titles. Lots of pictures that allow you to make a tour around the world in 80 Asterix covers.

Moved. Have a look at The Many Languages of Asterix at The World of Asterix.

Clever thinking of Panoramix (but Greek to me) Links
Many Languages
Official site
In ancient Egypt one speaks Russian, of course

Favourite Book

Cleopatra is one of my most loved books in the series. Exotic, charming, and full of temperament. And what a nose! Have a look at the covers from my collection; read the `Pharaonic Times' in thirty languages; enjoy the phrase book to `cock-a-doodle-doo' next time abroad.

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