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Michael Emmerich
Faculty for Science
Leiden University
Leiden, NL

About me

Head of Multicriteria Optimization and Decision Analysis (MODA) Research Group: CLICK here
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News and recent presentations

  1. Leiden, the Netherlands, September 5-9th, 2020: Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN2020), International Conference https://ppsn2020.liacs.leidenuniv.nl/
  2. Bali, Indonesia (online, from Coesfeld, Germany): 12 October 2020: Dynamics of Complex Networks. Modeling, Control and Identification using Advanced Algorithmic Techniques ICW-HDDA-X 2020, Online Conference of the Tenth International Conference and Workshop on High Dimensional Data Analysis 13-14 October 2020., Bali, Indonesia
  3. Cancun Mexico (online, from Leiden, The Netherlands):8. July 2020 Keynote Presentation: A tour díhorizon in surrogate-assisted multiobjective optimization ACM-GECCO, Cancun, Mexico
  4. Leiden, the Netherlands: Talk about LIACS Life Science Initiatives, February 20th, Consulate Members visiting Leiden University in Innovation Network context
  5. Leiden, the Netherlands: Scientific Organizer of Lorentz Center Workshop on Many Criteria Optimization and Decision Analysis from 16 Sep 2019 through 20 Sep 2019.
  6. Jyväskylä, Finland: "Lipschitzian vs. Gaussian error bounds in multiobjective optimization with expensive black-box functions", 13:15 to 15:00 at Agora Building, Jyvaeskylae:
  7. Lipari, Italy: Invited Talk on "Multicriteria Approaches to Complex Network Anlaysis." Lipari School on Complex networks: from socio-economic systems to biology and brain, July 13-19, 2019
  8. Shatsk, Ukraine, 4 June 2019, General Chair of "First International Workshop on Modern Machine Learning Technologies (MoMLet)", Lake Svityaz Lesya Sports Resort, Shatsk, Ukraine
  9. Bengaluru, 19-23 November, IEEE-SSCI Conference. Please find our paper 'Divyam Aggarwal, Michael Emmerich, Dhish Kumar Saxena, Saaju Paulose: On Large-Scale Airline Crew Pairing Generation, IEEE SSCI Conference, Bengaluru, Nov. 2018 (in press)' under this link
  10. Leiden, 18-21 September 2018, 14th International Workshop on Global Optimization, LeGO , Leiden The Netherlands
  11. Brussels, September 13th, 2018: "Complexity and Geometry of Multicriteria Optimization", Operation Research Conference, MCE Conference Center, Brussels, September 13th
  12. Lviv, Ukraine, 26 June, 2018, "Multicriteria Analysis of Complex Networks", Invited Talk, COLINS 2018 - Conference on Intelligent Systems
  13. Yogyarkarta, 1 August 2018, "Advances in the Multicriteria Analysis of Complex Networks", Keynote Presentation, International Conference on Information Technology, Engineering, Science, and Its Application (ITES 2018), August 1 - 2, 2018, Royal Ambarukmo Hotel, Yogyarkarta, Indonesia
  14. Valencia, Spain, 10 July, 2018, European Congress on Operational Research. Stream Multiobjective Optimization with Kaisa Miettinen and M. Lopez-Ibanez
  15. Together with Iryna Yevseyeva and Alessio Ishizaka I organize a Centeris Special Track on MCDM for Enterprise Information Systems in Portugal. Deadline for paper submission (accepted full papers will be published in Elsevier Procedia Computer Science): April 4, 2016. More info: CLICK HERE
  16. Kristiansand, August 23rd, 2016: 'An Overview of Data Science and Optimization Research at Leiden University', ERCIS Workshop Kristiansand, Norway
  17. Porto, October 7th, 2016: 'Maximizing Consensus in Portfolio Selection in Multicriteria Group Decision Making', MCDM/EIS Track, Conference on ENTERrprise Information Systems 2016, Porto, Portugal
  18. Muenster, March 19-22nd, 2017: 'Indicator-Based Multiobjective and Set-Oriented Optimization', Keynote at EMO 2017 in Münster, Germany CLICK HERE
  19. Brisbane July, 14th, 2017: Maximum Volume Subset Selection for Anchored Boxes, Presentation of paper on 33rd International Symposium on Computational Geometry (SoCG 2017), Brisbane, Australia.
  20. Manchester, August 23rd - August 25th, 2017: Tutorial on Multicriteria Optimization and Decision Analysis in Drug Discovery IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Manchester, UK
  21. Tijuana, September 25 - September 27th, 2017: Keynote Presentation at International Conference on Numerical and Evolutionary Optimization, Tijuana Mexico. CLICK HERE .
  22. Kaiserslautern, Germany, October 19, 2017 "Computational Geometry Challenges and Results in Multiobjective Optimization", Invited Talk, Workshop on Advances in Multiobjective Optimization.
  23. Druskininkai, November 30-December 2, 2017: Keynote Presentaion on "Bayesian Approaches to Multiobjective Optimization and its Integration into Industry 4.0 Frameworks" Data Analysis Methods for Software Systems (DAMSS), Druskininkai, Lithuania
  24. Lisbon, Portugal December 15, 2017 "Multicriteria Approach to the Immunization of Complex Networks", ISCTE-IUL, University Institute Lisbon
  25. Lisbon, Portugal December 18, 2017 "Computational Geometry Challenges and Results in Multiobjective Optimization", INESC-ID, IST, University Institute Lisbon.
  26. Leiden, February 29th, 2016: 29 Feb 2016 through 4 Mar 2016; Lorentz Center Workshop on Surrogate-Assisted Multi-Criteria Optimization, Boris Naujoks, Michael Emmerich, Tobias Wagner and Dimo Brockhoff (co-organizers), for further info CLICK HERE
  27. Poznan, 2-3 July, 2016: Special Session on Preferences and Problem Formulation in Multicriteria Optimization, European Conference on Operational Research, Posznan 2-3 July (Organizers: Iryna Yevseyeva and Michael Emmerich)
  28. Dagstuhl, January 12, 2015: "An Open Problems Project for Set-Oriented and Indicator-Based Multicriteria Optimization", Dagstuhl Seminiar, Dagstuhl Informatics Seminar, Germany
  29. Ghent, February 6, 2015: "Kriging Models in Global Metamodelling and Multicriteria Optimization", University Ghent, Belgium.
  30. Birmingham, March 16, 2015: "Multiobjective Machine Learning", University of Birmingham, Winterbourne House, UK.
  31. Guimaraes, March 31, 2015: "Faster Exact Computation of Expected Hypervolume Improvement", EMO2015 Conference, Guimaraes, Portugal.
  32. Iasi, June 18, 2015: Set-Oriented Multicriteria Optimization: Deterministic and Stochastic Methods, Tutorial: Doctoral Summer School on Evolutionary Computing in Optimisation and Data Mining (ECODAM) in conjunction with EVOLVE 2015, Conference, Iasi, Romania.
  33. Hefei, June 6, 2015: Keynote tutorial: "Stochastic and Deterministic Algorithms for Multicriteria Optimization", First IEEE Summer School on Multiobjective Optimization, USTC, Hefei, China
  34. Hefei, June 6, 2015: Keynote: "Indicator-based Multicriteria Optimization", First IEEE Summer School on Multiobjective Optimization, USTC, Hefei, China
  35. Hamburg, August 3, 2015: 'Multicriteria Optimization of Inventory Routing Considering Stockout Risk, Distance Cost, and Inventory Cost', Int'l Conference on Multicriteria Decision Making, MCDM Society, HSU Hamburg
  36. Vilamoura, International Workshop on Multicriteria Decision Making and Applications in Enterprise Information Systems. Part of CENTERIS 2015 - International Conference on ENTERprise Information Systems Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal, 7-9 October 2015. CLICK HERE
  37. Leiden, November 12, 2014: "NK Landscapes: Computational Complexity and Visualization", Lorentz Center Workshop on "What is Complexity? How do you measure it?", Lorentz Center, Leiden, The Netherlands
  38. Leiden, November 23rd, 2015: Workshop about Teaching in an international classroom during the 1st Annual Leiden University Conference on Innovation in Teaching, Leiden University


  • Foundations of Computational Science:
    • Multiobjective Optimization and Decision Analysis
    • Algorithms for the Simulation and Analysis of Complex Networks
    • Machine Learning and Information Based Complexity
    • Compuational Geometry and Algorithmic Bioprocesses
  • Applications of Computational Sciences:
    • Computational Biology and Chemisty
    • Sustainable Buildings/Architectural Design
    • Scientific Databases and Data Analysis

Recent projects

  • Center for Computational Life Science (CCLS)
  • Open Problems and Complexity Results in Theoretical Problems in Set-oriented and Indicator Based Optimimization (SIMCO) (together with Dimo Brockhoff, INRIA North, France): CLICK HERE
  • SAPPAO Dutch India Project: Data Mining and Many-Objective Optimization in Aviation Management (Funding: NWO, Deity, GE)
  • PROMIMOOC: Process Data Mining and Multiobjective Optimization for Industry
  • Excellent Buildings via Forefront MDO, Lowest Energy Use, Optimal Spatial and Structural Performance: CLICK HERE
  • D4N: Data Driven Drug Discovery Network (with LACDR, Leiden University, Leiden Center for Data Science): CLICK HERE
  • Leiden Complex Network Network
  • ERCIS: European Centre for Information Systems: CLICK HERE
  • See also our MODA team webpage: CLICK HERE


Teaching (Courses via Brightspace, Leiden University)

  • Bachelor and Master's Thesis (on request by email)
  • Complex Networks with Luca Avena (Mathematical Institute), Diego Garlaschelli (Lorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics)
  • Multicriteria Optimization and Decision Analysis.
  • Databases for BSc Computer Science (Leiden, Spring Semester)
  • Guest Lecture on Lindenmayer Systems (L Systems) in Natural Computing
  • Studium Generale Complex Networks (with F.d.Hollander (Mathematical Institute and D. Garlaschelli (Theoretical Physics))
  • Preuniversity College on Informatics for Graphs and Networks

Past Teaching

  • Studentenseminarium
  • Databases for Informatica and Economics (The Hague, Spring Semester)
  • Computer Simulation with Applications in Bioinformatics

Recent Publications, Preprints, and Thesis

Memberships in Professional Societies and Initiatives

  • International Society on Multi-Criteria Decision Making Homepage
  • Gesellschaft fuer Operations Research (GOR), Germany. Homepage
  • International Society on Global Optimization (ISoGO) Homepage

Editorial Board Member and Reviewer

  • Steering Committee Member of Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization Conference Series.
  • Editorial Board member of MIT Journal on Evolutionary Computation.
  • Scientific Reviewer: See Publons Profile, also Elsevier Journals (EJOR, Information Sciences, etc.)/li>
  • Research Grants Reviewer: NWO (Netherlands), FWO (Belgium)

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