image/svg+xml Chat App Chat App Chat windowwith You Andrea Chat windowwith Andrea You Browser OperatingSystem Virtualisation R A M R A M R A M • Processes - process context and state - execution policies•Sharing CPU - time-sharing and context switching - scheduling policies•Sharing memory - address spaces and address translation - segmentation and free-space management - paging running programs Concurrency • Multi-threading - threads and parallelism - thread-local storage and context switching - shared data and race conditions• Mutual Exclusion and Synchronisation - atomicity - locks - condition variables - semaphores - deadlocks and starvation - event-based concurrency• Concurrent Programming parallelised computing overlapping actions (I/O, memory, ...) Persistence • Input/Output (I/O) - device interfaces and internals - interaction protocols - device drivers• Data Storage - hard disk drives and flash drives - files and folders - file systems - data integrity and protection• Distributed File Systems interaction with the world Abstraction Save chat log to file Credits:Memory by Alvida Biersack from the Noun Projectconfused by RULI from the Noun ProjectUSB cloud, CD, Floppy Disk and cassette tape by Vectorstall from the Noun ProjectHDD by lastspark from the Noun Projectcog by ahmad from the Noun Projectcogs by Abdo from the Noun Projectprocesses by Sumit Saengthong from the Noun ProjectDistributed File System by H Alberto Gongora from the Noun Projectterminal by Ashwin Dinesh from the Noun ProjectPhoto Printer by shuai tawf from the Noun Project ComputerNetwork ComputerArchitecture Hi! Computer Systems A Journey in Three Acts Before we begin: a map
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