Computer Systems: Act 3 - Computer Networks image/svg+xml Computer Systems: Act 3 - Computer Networks Henning Basold Chat Server National ISP Local ISP Local ISP Satellite Link Link-Layer Switch Router Copper wire Application Layer Transport Layer Network Layer Link Layer Physical Layer Chat App Chat App Chat windowwith You Andrea Chat windowwith Andrea You OperatingSystem Credits:Computer by art shop from the Noun ProjectNetwork Switch, Network Router and Server by olimpiu from the Noun ProjectCity by antonio bartolo from the Noun ProjectTown by Manthana Chaiwong from the Noun ProjectRouter by Nociconist from the Noun ProjectWireless by Adrien Coquet from the Noun Projectsatelite by Arunika from the Noun Projectsatelite by Mega Agustina from the Noun Project ComputerNetworks Protocols Security Organise Communication Protect Communication ComputerArchitecture Physical Layer Transmit Individual Bits Coax-Cable Optical Fibre ... Framing (Frame Synchronisation) Individual links between adjacent nodes Link Access (Transmission Protocols) Error Detection and Correction Reliable Delivery (mostly wireless) Link Layer Network Layer Host-to-Host Communication Forwarding (Local) Routing (Network-wide) Internet Protocol (IP) Routing Algorithms Software-defined Networks Multiplexing UDP (Connection-less Transport) TCP (Connection-oriented Transport) Transport Layer Logical End-to-End Transport Web & HTTP EMail DNS (Address Resolution) P2P & Streaming Application Layer Functionality in Networks Hi! Computer Systems A Journey in Three Acts Act 2: Computer Networks
  1. Title
  2. Overview
  3. Network
  4. Network
  5. Network
  6. Network
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  9. Network
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  19. Layers
  20. Layers Zoom
  21. Application Layer
  22. Transport Layer
  23. Network Layer
  24. Network Layer Details
  25. Link Layer
  26. Physical Layer
  27. Overarching Topics
  28. Network
  29. Overview
  30. Credits