Computer Systems: Act 3 - Computer Architecture image/svg+xml Computer Systems: Act 3 - Computer Architecture Henning Basold Chat App Chat App Chat windowwith You Andrea Chat windowwith Andrea You Browser OperatingSystem Credits:Logic Gates OR by Studio Refine from the Noun ProjectMoore machine in Public DomainD flip-flop in Public DomainJK timing diagram by Stefan Engvall from WikimediaParallel Processing by H Alberto Gongora from the Noun Projecttransistor by Fluff Studio from the Noun Project1-bit full adder as a symbol by Cburnett from Wikimedia (GFDL)compile by TooJooGoo from the Noun Projectip address by Wichai Wi from the Noun ProjectMemory and CPU by Alvida Biersack from the Noun ProjectMicrocontroller and Source Code by Mohamed Mbarki from the Noun Projectdata pipeline by Becris from the Noun Projectcycle by popcornarts from the Noun Projectcircuit by Vectors Point from the Noun Projectdisco by supalerk laipawat from the Noun ProjectSynthesizer by Maxim Kulikov from the Noun Project ComputerNetwork ComputerArchitecture Hi! I/O & Microcontroller Created by popcornarts from the Noun Project Created by popcornarts from the Noun Project Processor Cycles Pipelining Micro-Architecture Instruction Setand Assembler Addressing Compiling Architecture 1-bitFullAdder A B Cin Cout S Combinatorial Blocks Memory Digital Building Blocks Logic Arrays/FPGA Verilog VHDL HardwareDescriptionLanguages State Machines Σ T S G Λ input transition logic state memory output logic S n output clock R reset S n+1 S 0 Parallelism Latches & Flip-Flops D Q Q S R Sequential Logic (x ∨ y) ∧ ¬z Boolean Logic Logic Gates clock J K Q Q T T T T = toggle Timing Combinational Logic Bits & Number Systems 01000110 Analogue Signals t 1 1 1 0 Transistors Digital Abstraction Computer Systems A Journey in Three Acts Act 3: Computer Architecture
  1. Title
  2. Act Title
  3. Overview
  4. CA Overview
  5. Digital Abstraction
  6. Combinational Logic
  7. Sequential Logic
  8. HDL
  9. Digital Building Blocks
  10. Architecture
  11. Micro-Architecture
  12. I/O & Microcontroller
  13. CA Overview
  14. Overview
  15. Credits