Audio Processing and Indexing Project Page

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(Last updated: 3-9 2019)


Project Members

Erwin M. Bakker


Here the project goals are described.


A short abstract of the work done, the obtained results, and the novelty of the work.


Give an introduction to the problem. Discuss the state of the art and work that has been done in this area. Sketch your approach.


Discuss the design of your solution or approach of the subject.


Describe the implementation issues, encountered difficulties, solutions, etc.


Describe your experimental design and setup for the validation of your solution. Give the results and ideas for future improvements.

Software Requirements

Describe the software requirements for your project. Add links to the software that you used from the internet.

  • C, C++

  • Software packages

  • Open Source Code

Hardware Requirements

  • minimal hardware requirements

  • special hardware



Work Plan

  1. Project Proposals

  2. Project Presentations

  3. Status reports

  4. Final Project Presentation / Demo

  5. Final Project Technical Paper


  • Link to your technical paper (.pdf)

  • Link to your project code (.zip). The code should contain everything that is necessary to run your final demo (your code, the necessary packages, installation notes, links to data sets, software documentation etc.).


  • Add links and references to the articles and books that you used.

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