Professional activities

Editorial positions
2019-now Associate editor for Transactions on Information Systems
2019 Invited editor of the special issue “Text Mining in Complex Domains” of the MTI journal.
2008 Editor of the CLIN 2007 proceedings
Chairing positions
2019-now Chair of the worldwide Women in IR community
2019-2021 Member of the seering committee of “ICT with Industry” (on behalf of SIKS)
2020 Doctoral Consortium chair of ECIR 2020
2019 Workshop chair of CHIIR 2019
2019 Tutorial chair of ECIR 2019
2018/2019 Scientific chair of “ICT with Industry” (on behalf of DSPN)
2018-now Co-chair of the Women in IR network
2018 General chair of DIR 2018
2018 Chair of the First International Workshop on Professional Search at SIGIR 2018
2017-now Member of the Language in Interaction educational team (on behalf of SIKS)
2016-2017 European chair in the ACL International Sponsorship Committee
2016 Publicity chair of ECAI 2016
2014 Co-organizer of BNAIC 2014
2013 Co-organizer of the symposium “E-Health voor mensen met communicatieve beperkingen: wetenschap en praktijk”
2013 Co-organizer of the BENELEARN 2013 workshop
2012 Local organization chair for IIiX 2012
2010 Co-chair of DIR 2010
2007 Co-chair of CLIN 2007
Reviewing for books and journals
Since 2016 Reviewer for ACM Transactions on the Web
Since 2015 Reviewer for International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics (JMLC)
Since 2015 Reviewer for Journal of Information Science
Since 2014 Reviewer for Information Processing and Management
Since 2014 Reviewer for International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making
Since 2014 Reviewer for International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
Since 2014 Reviewer for the Journal of Natural Language Engineering
Since 2013 Reviewer for Data and Knowledge Engineering
Since 2013 Reviewer for Information Retrieval
Since 2013 Reviewer for Neurocomputing
Since 2012 Reviewer for Journal of Computer Science and Technology
Since 2012 Reviewer for Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
Since 2011 Reviewer for Transactions on Information Systems
Since 2011 Reviewer for the International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools
Since 2010 Reviewer for Information Extraction from the Internet (iConcept)
Since 2010 Reviewer for Current Challenges in Patent Information Retrieval (Springer)
Since 2010 Reviewer for The Computer Journal
Since 2009 Reviewer for JASIST
Reviewing for conferences and workshops
Since 2019 Reviewer for EMNLP
Since 2019 Reviewer for ACL
Since 2019 Reviewer for NAACL
Since 2016 Reviewer for ACM SIGIR
2011-2016 Reviewer for CIKM
Since 2016 Reviewer for ACM CHIIR
Since 2011 Reviewer for ECIR
2012, 2014 Reviewer for IIiX
2010-2014 Reviewer for LREC
Since 2011 Reviewer for DIR
2014-2016 Reviewer for iSWAG
2016 Reviewer for the DiscoNLP
2016 Reviewer for Hypertext 2016
2015 Reviewer for RANLP 2015
2014 Reviewer for LaTeCH 2014
2012 Reviewer for Coling 2012
2011 Reviewer for IRFC-2012
2012 Reviewer for EACL 2012
2011 Reviewer for IRFC-2011
2009 Reviewer for the NAACL 2009 Student Research Workshop
2008 Reviewer for the ACL 2008 Student Research Workshop
Other professional activities
2017-2018 Organizer of the monthly LIACS research seminars.
2016-now Board member of the Vereniging Werkgemeenschap Informatiewetenschap
2013 – 2018 Editor of DIXIT, periodical of the Dutch Organization for Language and Speech Technology
2015 – 2017 Board member of Radboud Women in Computer Science(RWoCS)
2010 Member of the review committee for the STIL scriptieprijs
2008 – 2011 Member of the PR committee and webmaster for Taalwetenschap
2005 – 2008 Member of the organizing committee of the Language and Speech Colloquium