This course is on Business Intelligence (BI) and Process Modelling (PM), and is part of the (dutch) bachelor program "Informatica & Economie" of Leiden University. It is also open to students from the minor "Data Science".

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Course information

Boek Lectures: Fridays from 11:00 to 12:45 in the spring semester of 2018 in Snellius room 412.
Werkcolleges: Fridays from 13:30 to 15:15 in room 302/304.
Lecturer: dr. Frank Takes,, Snellius room 157b
Assistants : Gerrit-Jan de Bruin MSc,, room 150 and Jasper van Nijhuis BSc,
Literature: W. van der Aalst, Process Mining: Discovery, Conformance and Enhancement of Business Processes, 2nd edition, Springer, 2016.
Examination: exam (60%) and three practical assignments (together 40%)
Study points: 6 7 ECTS


  Date Lecture Werkcollege Literature
1. Feb 9, 2018 Lecture 1: Introduction to BI & PM Orientation on Assignment 1 v/d Aalst Chapter 1
2. Feb 16, 2018 Lecture 2: BI & Visual Analytics Work on Assignment 1
Crash-course Webdevelopment
Paper [Koo17]
3. Feb 23, 2018 Lecture 3: BI & Descriptive Analytics Work on Assignment 1 v/d Aalst Chapter 4
4. Mar 2, 2018 Lecture 4: BI & Predictive Analytics Work on Assignment 1 v/d Aalst Chapter 4
Mar 7, 2018 Deadline for Assignment 1 Hand in via Dropbox
... ... ... ...
8. Apr 13, 2018 Guest lecture by Bram Cappers on EventPad ... ...
Apr 19, 2018 Deadline for Assignment 2 Hand in via Dropbox
... ... ... ...
May 31, 2018 Deadline for Assignment 3 Hand in via Dropbox
... ... ... ...
June 8, 2018 Exam (14.00-17.00)
June 30, 2018 Retake deadline for all assignments Note that you can also hand in (late) re-take assignments much earlier.
July 5, 2018 Retake exam (14.00-17.00)

N.B. There is no class on March 16, March 30 (Goede Vrijdag), April 27 (Koningsdag) and May 11 (day after Hemelvaartsdag).
Also see the "I&E roosters".

Course description (from your study guide 2017-2018 )

The business intelligence aspects of this course deal with the ever-increasing need of organizations to analyze, visualize, mine and understand their own data. Topics include visualization, descriptive analytics and predictive analytics, but also more recent techniques such as network analytics. Each of these topics is addressed specifically in in business-oriented and/or economical context, which is reflected in the course assignments and provided case studies. The process modelling aspect of this course addresses the fact that organizations must constantly optimize, update, and monitor the execution of their processes to stay competitive and efficient. These processes are developed on the basis of organizational targets and strategic goals, but of course the underlying IT landscape is also of influence on process design, development, implementation, and execution. During this course, business intelligence and process modelling finally come together in the topic of process mining: a data-driven approach to understanding business process management.

The course was also given in 2015, 2016 and 2017.