Competitive Grants

Principal Investigator - NWO (Dutch NSF) Digital Video Analysis and Classification, 1996-1998, ~$150,000

Principal Investigator (With Nies Huijsmans) - Philips Research Grant on Multimedia Databases, 1996-2000, ~$200,000

Principal Investigator - Leiden University Fellow (competitive fellowship), 1998-2002, ~$300,000

Principal Investigator (with Univ. Amsterdam) - NWO (Dutch NSF) Relevance Feedback for Content Based Retrieval, 1999-2004, ~$150,000

Project Co-leader (with Rob Beekmans) - Haagz (funded jointly by Leiden University and the Hague), 1999-2001, ~$100,000

Research Partner (with Frans Peters) - European Union Grant on NODES, 2000-2001, ~$100,000

Principal Investigator (with Erwin Bakker, Fons Verbeek, and Joost Kok) - Bsik (Dutch Government) Cyttron Biocomputing Search Project, 2004-2007, ~$1 million for LIACS, ~$11 million (8.8 million Euros) from Bsik for entire Grant

Principal Investigator (with Univ. Amsterdam) - Video Segmentation (funded by Philips Research), 2004-2005, ~$150,000

Principal Investigator - Helios grant on Interactive Search, under grant review, ~200,000

Principal Investigator - NWO/Bricks - Visual Information Retrieval Using Synthetic Imagery, 2006-2010, ~$500,000

Graduate Students (Recent)

Fiona Yu, "Content Based Retrieval of Bio-Computing Databases

Ard Oerlemans, "Image and Video Retrieval"

Bart Thomee, "Multimedia Information Retrieval"

Valerie Maguil, "Interactive Video Face Recognition"

Arjan v.d. Berg, "Trustworthy Computing: Secure File Sharing"

Andre Bloemenkamp, "The Virtual Butler", 21st June 2005

Thomas Farago, "Visualization of Thinking"

B.V. Yuanling Li, "Real Time Face Recognition"

Martin Bartels, MediaTechnology Project,

Diederick Huijbers, MediaTechnology Project

Spiros Chatzitzanos, MediaTechnology Project

Martijn Gaarthuis, "Face Recognition and Detection"

Tristen Raboen, E-commerce

Liyue Yang, "Intelligent Feature Analysis for Visual Understanding"

Tijmen Moerland, "Color Constancy from Local Invariant Regions," December 2004

Ard Oerlemans, "Detecting and Identifying Moving Objects in Real Time", September 2004

Michel Marcera, "The role of featural and configural information" August 2004

Alexander Verburgt, "An Unwaypointed data structure for tactical movement", Summer 2003

Yafei Sun, "Neural Networks for Emotion Classification," August 2003

Jeroen van Rest, "Video Identification and Retrieval Using Signatures," 8 April 2002

Recent Interviews

Interviewed by NRC Handelsblad (leading Dutch IT newspaper) - 6 October 2006.

Interviewed by Computable Weekly Magazine - 19 October 2006.