Dr. Michael S. Lew

Head, Deep Learning and Computer Vision Research Group
Director, LIACS Media Lab
co-Head, Computer Systems, Imagery and Media Research Cluster
Computer Science Department (LIACS)
Leiden University

My Positions and Research

  • Co-head of the LIACS Computer Systems, Imagery and Media Research cluster (30+ members), which is one of the two main research groups at the computer science department at Leiden University.

  • Chair Full Professor at Tsinghua University (US News Ranking for Computer Science | Ranking Eng. | Archive | in China | ARWU | ARWU-CS), 2003, 04, 07, 14 (month-long visits)

  • Tenured associate professor at Leiden University, 2001-

    Research - short version

    It is currently impossible to find most scientific, personal and social imagery because meaningful annotations describing the content are missing. My work will allow all imagery to be searched by developing new deep learning algorithms for automatic image annotation and by exploiting synergy between the user and the computer in novel interactive search paradigms.

    Research - longer version

    With the ubiquity of the Internet, social and streaming imagery and visual media, there has been an explosion of information that is now accessible to the entire world. The importance of the visual information can not be underestimated. It is a part of our daily lives and shapes how we experience and perceive and interact with the world. Other periods in history were dominated by materials for society survival (warfare), sustenance and growth. Surely, this time we live in is the "Age of Information." In particular, visual (and more generally multimedia) information is the fundamental pillar for shaping modern societies from personal events to elections of leaders to international news and politics and even waging conflict. One prominent characteristic of the mountain of visual information is that while it is indeed accessible, it is extremely difficult to search for a desired item - a needle in a mountain of haystacks. My group's mission directly addresses this problem. We investigate new paradigms for the computational retrieval and understanding of visual information by developing new deep learning approaches. Currently, keyword search (such as Google and Bing) is the dominant method for searching for information in large datasets. This works well for text documents, but the problem is that most of the images and video worldwide do not have annotation - e.g. the vast number of smartphone pictures typically only have date and location, not who or what was in the picture. In this case the only option is to use machine learning approaches to analyze the pictorial content of the images and video toward extracting keywords or models and then using those keywords (or models) for the search queries. More generally, we are also examining other media such as audio, text and 3D sensors toward exploiting all of the information (multimedia) toward higher accuracy and new query interfaces and results.


    LIACS News Research Grants (July 2017)
    • Computer Aided Medical Diagnosis Using Big Data - NVIDIA, CSC, 1 PhD

    • Data Mining on High Volume Simulation Output - NWO, 3 PhDs

    • Deep Visual Understanding of Paintings and Pictures - NVIDIA, CSC, 1 PhD

    • Making Sense of Illustrated Handwritten Archives - NWO, 2 PhDs, 1 postdoc

    • Automating archaeological object detection in remotely sensed data, Data Science Research Programme, 1 PhD (in archaeology department)

    • Transmedia storytelling voor kritisch engagement - NWO, 1 assistant/associate professor

    Influential People Activities (selected) University & Department Positions
    • co-Head of the Imagery and Media Research Cluster - One of the 4 research themes in the Computer Science (CS) dept.

    • Chair, LIACS MSc Education Committee

    • Member (and 2nd chair) of the Board of Examiners (ExamenCommissie) - oversees the quality of all CS dept. courses (until 2014)

    • Member of the Curriculum Committee - guides the direction and content of the CS dept. courses

    • Member of the Organizing Team for the LIACS Research Seminar

    • co-Director of the LIACS Media Lab - advises and guides research and teaching in multimedia technology within the CS dept.

    • Member of the LIACS Scientific Council - steering committee for all research in the CS dept.
    Deep Learning Publications - Recent (At this weblink are some tips for starting points and a nice taxonomy is at CNN Taxonomy)
    • SWAPGAN: A Multistage Generative Approach for Person-to-Person Fashion Style Transfer, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 2019

    • Bag of Surrogate Parts Feature for Visual Recognition, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, volume 20: 1525-1536, 2018

    • CycleMatch: A Cycle-consistent Embedding Network for Image-Text Matching, Pattern Recognition, volume 93, 2019

    • Learning visual and textual representations for multimodal matching and classification, Pattern Recognition, volume 84: 51-67, 2018

    • A comprehensive evaluation of local detectors and descriptors, Signal Processing: Image Communication, Volume 59, November Pages 150-167, 2017

    • Deep Binary Codes for Large Scale Image Retrieval, Neurocomputing, 2017

    • Deep learning for visual understanding, Neurocomputing, 2016

    • Learning a Recurrent Residual Fusion Network for Multimodal Matching, ICCV - IEEE Int. Conf. Computer Vision, 2017

    • On the Exploration of Convolutional Fusion Networks for Visual Recognition, MMM -- International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling, 2017, best paper award

    • Improving the Discrimination between Foreground and Background for Semantic Segmentation, ICIP -- IEEE Int. Conf. Image Processing, 2017

    • Learning Relaxed Deep Supervision for Better Edge Detection, CVPR - IEEE Conf. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2016

    • Bag of Surrogate Parts: one inherent feature of deep CNNs, BMVC - British Machine Vision Conference, 2016

    • DeepIndex for Accurate and Efficient Image Retrieval, ACM ICMR -- Int. Conf. Multimedia Retrieval, 2015

    Editorships Books

    Conference Organization

    Scientific Conference Program Committees

    Representative Publications (over 180 peer-reviewed in ACM, IEEE, and LNCS)
         Browse LIACS publications

    Recent Department Activities

       (1) Chair, Education/Programme Committee
       (2) co-head, LIACS Media Lab for education/research (hardware/software facilities, knowledge)
           - Guidance, programming expertise and system administration for at least 5 courses & 30 students per year
       (3) LIACS/Mathematics/I-Group Information Screens & Website (until April 2019)
       (4) LIACS Research Seminar (rebooted 2016)
       (6) Open Day Activities - Talks & Demonstrations
       (9) 3 Semester length courses, 18 ECs 2018-2019 academic year

    Recent Graduate Students

    • Mingrui Lao
    • Nan Pu
    • Wei Chen
    • Wouter B. Verschoof-van der Vaart, DSRP Grant
    • Theodoris Georgiou, NWO Grant
    • Yu Liu (graduating with Ph.D. on October 24th, 2018)
    • Yanming Guo (graduated with Ph.D. on October 5th, 2017)
    • Song Wu (graduated with Ph.D. on December 22nd, 2016)
    • Susan Laraghy
    • Zhenyang Li
    • Ran Tao
    • Simon Zaaijer
    • Ard Oerlemans (graduated with Ph.D. on December 22nd, 2011)
    • Bart Thomee (graduated with Ph.D. on November 3rd, 2010)
    • Nicu Sebe (graduated with Ph.D. on March 28th, 2001)

    Interesting Projects

    Old Research Projects (funded)
    • CSC - Multimedia Information Retrieval
    • CSC - Visual Learning Using Big Data
    • BRICKS Project (member of the project board) - Interactive Search and Browsing
    • Cyttron (co-leader of the BioSearch Project) - Multi-modal imaging search
    • Advanced Information Processing in Bioinformatics, NBIC Biorange IV - VL-e (investigator)
    • VIRSI Project (project leader) - Computational Imagination for Intelligent Search
    • Philips Research Project on Bio-Medical Analysis (project leader)
    • Philips Research Project on Texture Analysis (project leader)
    Multimedia Links Class Schedules

    Other Activities: Student Advising and Research Grants (Click Here)

    Contact information

    Main Contact:

    Telephone: 31-71-527-7034

    Fax: 31-71-527-6985

    Postal Address:

        Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science
        Leiden University
        Niels Bohrweg 1
        2333 CA Leiden
        The Netherlands

    Deep learning and multimedia retrieval

    Deep learning demo and publications

    Publications (technical reports, preliminary work)

    Content-based tag recommendation algorithms for unstructured data

    Improving SIFT accuracy with use of perspective transforms

    Improving the LSDh-tree for fast approximate nearest neighbor search

    Information-Synthesis Network for Facial Landmarks Estimation

    Preliminary Evaluation of CNN Classification by Objective Testers

    Sub-Image Search Engine

    Image Similarity Using Color Histograms

    Rating Inference

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    Content-based tag recommendation algorithms for unstructured data

    Improving SIFT accuracy with use of perspective transforms

    Improving the LSDh-tree for fast approximate nearest neighbor search

    Information-Synthesis Network for Facial Landmarks Estimation

    Preliminary Evaluation of CNN Classification by Objective Testers

    Sub-Image Search Engine

    Image Similarity Using Color Histograms

    Rating Inference