Theorie van Concurrency/ Theory of Concurrency, 2019-2020

Lecturer: Jetty Kleijn (room 153).

The exam resit of Friday March 27, 2020, unfortunately had to be cancelled.
There will be a new opportunity, but at the moment it is not clear when and how.
In case you want to take the resit exam and would like to be kept informed,
please send me an email at the address listed at the end of this page.
Moreover, at some point in time there will be a Blackboard page for Theory of Concurrency 2019-2020 with announcements regarding the resit. Please check also this regularly.
All the best, keep safe and keep in touch!

Set-up of the course (6EC, level 300):
lectures and exercise classes;
written final exam;
final mark is for 90% based on exam
and for 10% on attendance.

Wolfgang Reisig, Understanding Petri Nets - Modeling Techniques, Analysis Methods, Case Studies
Springer, 2013
ISBN 978-3-642-33277-7; 978-3-642-33278-4 (eBook).
Reprint: Springer 2016; 3662523078, 9783662523070.

Additional Exercises ('work-in-progress', comments welcome):
Current version of the additional exercises and solutions.

Exam: The book (everything except Section 17.4, Chapters 21 and 22), exercises from the book, and additional exercises.

Support material:

Slides (formal definitions, results, replacing the Formal Framework presented in the book):
Formal framework, Ch. 2
Formal framework, Ch. 3 and Ch. 4
Formal framework, Ch. 5 and Ch. 6
Formal framework, Ch. 7 and Ch. 8
Formal framework, Ch. 9 and Ch. 10
Formal framework, Ch. 11 and Ch. 12
Formal framework, Ch. 13 and Ch. 14
Formal framework, Ch. 15 and Ch. 16
Formal framework, Ch. 17, Ch. 18, Ch. 19, and Ch. 20

Old Exams:
Exam June 5, 2018 and Answers Exam June 5, 2018 (handwritten notes)
Exam July 10, 2018 and Answers Exam July 10, 2018 (handwritten notes)
Exam June 4, 2019 and Answers Exam June 4, 2019 (handwritten notes
Exam July 9, 2019 and Answers Exam July 9, 2019 (handwritten notes)

Last update: March 30, 2020

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