Written exam

May 2006
May 2005
Some answers for the `algorithmic' parts of the exam. (21.5'07)

Dear students MCB 2005,

By email I got a question whether we had an old exam that would show the type of questions we would like to pose in the MCB exam this week. I decided to inform everyone that handed in the exercises to spread this information evenly.

The course MCB in the Bio-Informatics curriculum is given for the first time. We plan however to have questions very similar in style to those in an earlier course given by Sacha Gultyaev, Bioinformatics-1. Note that some parts of this course were not covered in ours and vice versa. In particular a few questions concerning algorithmic issues will be added.

exam Bioinformatics-1

Hope this helps.

Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom
Sacha Gultyaev