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Prof. dr. Thomas Bäck


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Course description

Evolutionary algorithms are search and optimization algorithms gleaned from the model of organic evolution. Their main components are a population of individuals that undergoes an iterative process of fitness evaluation, variation and selection. The existing approaches to evolutionary computation - including e.g. genetic algorithms, evolution strategies, evolutionary programming, genetic programming, classifier systems - all share the same basic model, but are considerably different in their practical instantiations. In the course, we will give an overview of the main representatives of evolutionary algorithms and explain the algorithms in detail. The main theoretical results about these algorithms as well as practical application examples are discussed. The biological background, basic foundations of optimization theory, and relationships to other fields will complete the course.

Course Schedule

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Course regulations

The course consists of:

The final grade is computed as follows:

A successful completion of the course will be rewarded with 6ECTS.

Course material

The course material consists of the slides that are used in the lectures.


Matlab tutorial

A Matlab tutorial is available below so you can practice if you are not yet familiar with Matlab.

Recommended literature

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