I am an assistant professor in computer science and a VENI laureate since September 2016. My research focuses on the statistical modeling of natural languages, with the main goal of improving the quality of machine translation for challenging language pairs.

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  • [Feb 2018]   Invited speaker at the ILCC seminar series (University of Edinburgh).
  • [Dec 2017]   Our paper on Neural versus phrase-based MT quality is now available as an extended journal article on Computer Speech & Language, with L. Bentivogli, M, Cettolo and M. Federico.
  • [Dec 2017]   Two papers accepted at LREC 2018: "Examining the Tip of the Iceberg: A Data Set for Idiom Translation" with M. Fadaee and C. Monz. "Evaluation of Machine Translation Performance Across Multiple Genres and Languages" with M. van der Wees and C. Monz.
  • [Nov 2017]   Invited speaker at the Finnish Workshop on Machine Translation (FinMT 2017).
  • [Aug 2017]   I've become Assistant Professor at LEIDEN UNIVERSITY.
  • [Jul 2017]   Paper accepted at EMNLP 2017: "Dynamic Data Selection for Neural Machine Translation", M. van der Wees, A. Bisazza and C. Monz.

PhD students

  • Ke Tran (2013-), co-supervised with Christof Monz
  • Marlies van der Wees (2013-2017), co-supervised with Christof Monz
  • Marzieh Fadaee (2015-2017), co-supervised with Christof Monz

MSc/BSc students

  • Sharon Gieske (2017), MSc of AI (UvA), co-supervised with Christof Monz
  • Clara Tump (2017), BSc of AI (UvA)
  • Sanne Eggengoor (2017), BSc of AI (UvA)
  • Manon Schriever (2017), BSc of AI (UvA)