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The research at LIACS is broadly oriented. There are two research programs, both responsible for exploring the next frontier of ideas and techniques in their area such as research in the emerging area of bioinformatics. Close cooperation with industrial and academic research institutes, nationally and internationally, is the rule, not the exception.

The two research programs at LIACS are described below:

Algorithms and Software Technology (AST)

Research on methods and techniques for algorithm design and analysis, with an emphasis on algorithms and architectures for larger data volumes as well as on natural computing.
Development of formalisms, methods, techniques and tools to design, analyze, and construct software systems and components.

Computer Systems and Imagery & Media (CSI)

Methods and techniques for the design, implementation and application of advanced computer systems, in particular parallel, distributed and embedded computer systems.
Research on methods and techniques for the analysis and synthesis of images, pattern recognition, image fusion, 3D reconstruction and visualization, computer vision, imaging systems, image search, media technology.

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