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The Leiden Embedded Research Center (LERC) group is part of the Computer Systems cluster. LERC consists of two research sections:

  • Embedded Systems
  • Embedded Design

Embedded Systems

Dr. T.P. Stefanov (head)
Embedded Systems are application domain specific information processing systems that are tightly coupled to their environment. They appear in home appliances, copy machines, automotive entertainment systems, medical imaging systems, wireless and portable multimedia terminals, distributed sensor networks, and more.

The Leiden Embedded Research Center is pioneering in rethinking methodologies for embedded system specification, exploration, and design. The new emerging
methodologies are focusing on system-level and multi-processor platform-based methods and techniques which apply on a level of abstraction well above the register transfer level. The methods devised by the Leiden Embedded Research Center have a sound mathematical basis, and their software implementations are in compliance with state-of-the-art software engineering practice.

System-level and multi-level platform-based embedded systems exploration, design, and programming heavily relies on models of computation to analyze and specify applications and architectures, to explore alternative instances, and to compile applications to architectures.

The center's open source framework for automated design, programming, and implementation of multi-processor embedded systems, targetting streaming multimedia applications can be found at

The Leiden Embedded Research Center offers challenging research projects at Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. level. These projects can be of theoretical, practical, and experimental nature. See the Student Project Page for Bachelor and Master projects.

Contact or call 5776 for more information.

Embedded Design

assist. prof. Bart Kienhuis (head)
The focus in the Embedded Design group is on the process to create software for Embedded Systems and the development on innovated support tools for Embedded Designs.
Embedded Design website

The center's established company CompaanDesign B.V. website is

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