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Pieter Kwantes

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Pieter Kwantes


lecturer ICT in Business/PhD student

General Information

Full name: Drs. P.M. (Pieter) Kwantes
Office: 124
Phone: +31-(0)71-5275777
Fax: +31-(0)71-5276985
University page:
Member of:

About Pieter Kwantes

Drs. P.M. Kwantes holds a Masters degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam and a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Leiden (LIACS). Pieter currently holds the position of Teamleader of a group of Business-IT Consultants within the Global Markets Division at Fortis Bank NL. Before that he has held several positions at leading international financial institutions ( Cordares, Ministry of Finance, ING) respectively as a system designer, project manager and information manager. He typically prefers to perform the role of ‘œboundary spanner‘ between business and IT within the financial services industry, combining the knowledge and experience he has in both fields.

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