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Computer Committee

Task of the Computer Committee is to give advice, possibly unsolicited, on ICT matters to the Management Team of LIACS.
This includes advice on ICT related policies of the faculty and university, procurement of computer and other machinery, and system administration.

Chair: Dr. Ir. T.P. (Todor) Stefanov

  1. H.M.V.C. (Vianney) Govers | E-mail
    Research and Education Support | Office: 139
  2. Dr. H.J. (Hendrik Jan) Hoogeboom | E-mail
    Assistant Professor | Office: 162
  3. Dr. K. F. D. (Kristian) Rietveld | E-mail
    Researcher | Office: 138
  4. Dr. Ir. T.P. (Todor) Stefanov | E-mail
    Associate Professor | Office: 126
  5. Dr. Ir. F.J. (Fons) Verbeek | E-mail
    Associate Professor | Office: 105
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