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20 months, starting in September or February


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The M.Sc. in ICT in Business programme consists of six modules of seven weeks each, and a 5-6 months thesis project. The courses cover business fundamentals, core ICT & Business topics and electives, and are normally offered in a combination of (guest)lectures, company visits, case work, lab work, and student presentations. Many activities are based on team work. At regular intervals colloquia are offered to supplement and enrich the programme. The programme structure is as follows:

Business Fundamentals

A set of courses that will bring students onto a basic level of business understanding, including a management simulation and courses on global marketing, financial accounting, international management and corporate finance.

Core courses: ICT and Business

A set of advanced courses that focus on the interrelationship between organizational processes, management and ICT. These courses presume an existing background in Computer Science at Bachelor‘™s level. The courses focus on Software Engineering, ICT-enabled Business Process Innovation, ICT Strategy and Planning, System's Development and Project Management, ICT Infrastructure and a capstone integration course.


The electives allow students to individualize their programme and accommodate special interests. Examples of electives are entrepreneurship, supply chain management, operations management, legal aspects of ICT, human resource management, virtual organizations, and data warehousing.

M.Sc. thesis research project

Often based on an in-company project. Duration: 6 months.

The programme schedule is intense, allowing participants to complete the programme (with a regular course load of two academic years) in around 19 to 20 months of full-time study.

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