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Master Theses



  1. Abulzahab, Abdulhadi: Blockchain Technology and Its Implementation within Enterprise Information Systems
  2. Ajodhia, Kaylesh: Addressing Internet of Things Challenges in a Smart City based on a Novel Architectural Approach
  3. Atef Ibraim, Mohamed: Applicability of Blockchain Technology in Telecommunications Service Management
  4. Bakkenes, Robin: Towards (limited) IT centralisation in decentral organisations - CONFIDENTIAL
  5. Bhattarai, Suraj: ‘Business Models with Blockchain: Exploring the Business Models of the Applications of Blockchain Technology in Start-up Enterprises’
  6. Boon, Benjamin: Data Driven Enterprise Architecture - CONFIDENTIAL - ABSTRACT
  7. Bos, Ralph: Building and Evaluating an Enterprise Search Application – A Case study at UL Transaction Security
  8. Boven, Bas van: Robust Real-time Action Classification using Single-Shot Convolutional Neural Networks - CONFIDENTIAL
  10. Cammel, Simone: Measuring the status quo of big data analytics in Dutch academic hospitals
  11. Çolakoğlu, Hüseyin: Exploring information gathering behavior of niche players within IT ecosystems
  12. Dekker, Bram: Interaction-based pattern analysis in a smart office environment  CONFIDENTIAL
  13. Deviani, Vanessa: A Framework for M-Government Citizen Complaint System. A Case Study in Jakarta Public Services - CONFIDENTIAL
  14. Duwi Ari Haryanto: IT Consumerization: Analyzing the Determinants of BYOD-Program Acceptance in Large Scale Company from Employees Perspective and its Effect on Company Attractiveness - CONFIDENTIAL
  15. Gao, Mingming: Contingency Factors’ Impact on Data Governance Design and Implementation Success Factors - A case study in Digital Security Company - CONFIDENTIAL
  16. Gersen, Léon: Analysis of Data Sources and Processes for Cash Flow Prediction in Small Seasonal Businesses
  17. Himah, Andrews: mHealth Applications: Keeping Personal Electronic Health Records on Mobile Devices Confidential and Secure
  18. Kharitonov, Artem: A framework for strategic intra- and inter-organizational adoption of the blockchain technology - CONFIDENTIAL - PUBLICATION
  19. Khoenkhoen, Sunny: Exploring the impact of Business Intelligence and Data-analytics in the Emergency Department - CONFIDENTIAL
  20. Koning, Patrick de: No Need to Read: Measuring the effects of Municipality Safety Plans on Crime Rates - CONFIDENTIAL
  21. Kortekaas, Leon: Impact of cloud on the traditional Shared Service Center - CONFIDENTIAL
  22. Koutsougeras, Paris: Assessment of Master Data Quality in a Multinational Environment - CONFIDENTIAL
  23. Kreuse, Roy: Information Security Reporting at Strategic Level in the Dutch Financial industry - CONFIDENTIAL
  24. Li, Sufeng: Data Quality Evaluation Framework for End-User Computing. A Case Study in a Dutch Insurance Company - CONFIDENTIAL
  25. Lindert, Dylan te: Smart energy management as a means towards improved energy efficiency
  26. Liu, Ziwei: A Maturity Model for Attribution Modeling Maturity Assessment
  27. Malikbaba, Navid: The Beginning of Mobile 2.0: Exploring the determinants of consumer intentions with respect to conversational commerce on the WhatsApp platform
  28. Mushofi Hasan, Ahmad: Rapid Prototyping in Agile Product Development: A Case Study on Agile Software Companies - CONFIDENTIAL
  29. Okot, Petra: Describing Hawala as Mobile Money (an ICT Innovation) - CONFIDENTIAL
  30. Retnawati, Fia: Understanding Intermediary Mobile Applications Technology Adoption– a UTAUT2, Self-Efficacy and Involvement Application in A Case Study of Indonesia OTA - CONFIDENTIAL
  31. Rutten, Tom: Enhancing project portfolio selection in Agile environments -CONFIDENTIAL
  32. Snelderweert, Jeroen:  Applying Project Controls In Exploratory Projects - CONFIDENTIAL
  33. Sufit, Adelaido: Decisions Factors in ERP Migration to SaaS, a Case Study at Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Indonesia’s State Electricity Corporation) - CONFIDENTIAL
  34. Tsogas, Kostas: Conceptualization and validation of a set of metrics to assist Data Driven Decision Making in an Agile setup. A case study of KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines
  35. Velden, Thijs van der: Comparing Municipalities: Who is your partner in crime?
  36. Vennemans, Maurice: How can machine learning be used in the data analysis pipeline to analyze and improve service desk processes? - CONFIDENTIAL
  37. Westbroek, Lucien: IT value in the merger and acquisition process, the pre-merger phase and impact on the strategy - CONFIDENTIAL
  38. Xypolytos, Achilleas: A Security Assessment Framework: Combining Static Analysis Tools - CONFIDENTIAL
  39. Yan, Sixue: Analyzing experience as moderating variable for the relationship of s-commerce characteristics and trust
  40. Yildirim, Huseyin: Privacy concerns and factors influencing individuals behavioral intention to use wearable devices at work - CONFIDENTIAL
  41. Zheng, YUNPENG: An Empirical Study of Customer Co-creation in Social Media Based Product and Service Development - CONFIDENTIAL
  42. Zhu, Hanyu: Comparing the Use of Technology Among Industry Branches


  1. Anastasopoulos, Foivos: Data Governance design for financial services organizations
  2. Arif Rachman Yulliandi, Andi: Understanding Crowdfunding Platform: An empirical study utilizing UTAUT2 Model Integrated with Personality Trait - CONFIDENTIAL
  3. Badloe, Naween: Microsoft Architecture with ArchiMate -CONFIDENTIAL
  4. Bakker, Job: Blockchain technology. An exploratory case study to identify the underlying principles and to determine the corresponding capabilities.
  5. Ben Dahman, Jaouad: Optimizing organizational flexibility with Enterprise Architecture measures
  6. Boer, Arno de: Enterprise Architecture as an enabler for successful care-service delivery in a dynamic healthcare environment.
  7. Boom, Sander van der: The influence of Cloud based elements on RfP’s
  8. Chaidir Abadi: Evaluating the Mobile Payment – Direct Carrier Billing - of digital content using UTAUT model, Personal Innovativeness and Trust: An Indonesia case study of direct carrier billing - CONFIDENTIAL
  9. Cleton, Peter: Knowledge Valorization Process Model. The Design of a Practical Process Model on the Subject of Knowledge Valorization
  10. Cong, Chen: Exploring the Collective Trading Behaviors - CONFIDENTIAL
  11. Deligianni, Katia: Data-driven Innovation in NGOs
  12. Dessy: Evaluating the influence of employee intention to adopt the digital workplace using UTAUT2 and Generational Cohort Theory: The Case of Telkom Indonesia
  13. Ditmar, Stephan: ICT enabled transformation of the Dutch insurance industry: a case study in business-IT alignment - CONFIDENTIAL
  14. Ekefre, David: A Comparison of Methods for Predicting Football Matches
  15. Fan, Shenshen: Adding Value to Software Development and Maintenance by Software Architecture Evolution Visualization
  16. Fernando, Don: Intention to Use Go-Jek Service Application in Indonesia by applying Task Technology Fit and Social Capital
  17. Heere, Martin: Impact of regional innovator networks on academic commercialization output -Evidence from 2 Dutch technological science parks-
  18. Heijer, Peter den: Mindfulness Practices in Agile Project Organizations
  19. Helm, Adriaan van der: Adoption of the Internet of Things in a B2B environment: A focus on acceptance and challenges - CONFIDENTIAL
  20. Kracht, Marcel: Fast-track Enterprise Architecture And IT Delivery: An Implementation Approach - CONFIDENTIAL
  21. Hoekstra, Freek: Functionality based business application classification
  22. Langras, Daniël: Strategic housing management: Decision support system for strategy selection. A Case Study at Eigen Haard - CONFIDENTIAL
  23. Lê, Min: Enterprise Architecture. Mapping of BMC, DEMO and ArchiMate
  24. Leeuwen, Brian van: SPOCs in the Ivory Tower. Exploring business models for private online courses for professionals in the context of universities - CONFIDENTIAL
  25. Loerakker, Jeroen: Combining Lean, Six Sigma, Customer Journey mapping and Agile. A study on Business Process Redesign at Royal FloraHolland - CONFIDENTIAL
  26. Luo, Yulin: Exploratory Research on Implementing Fog Concept in the Connected Vehicles Scenario
  27. Manraj, Anil: Understanding Consumers’ Adoption of Beacon Technology in Retail - CONFIDENTIAL
  28. Marate, KarIshma: Advice on how DevOps can support Change and Release Management at TomTom - CONFIDENTIAL
  29. Pirvan, Cristian: Player three has joined the game: Industry platforms as facilitators for disruptive innovations
  30. Qi, Xin: Privacy Maturity Model: Towards Privacy-by-Design Best Practices
  31. Romijn, Kevin: Agile Leadership, Shared Leadership, or No Leadership: Understanding the Balance of Leadership Styles and Decision Making Responsibilities in Agile Organizations
  32. Santokhi, Shanylla: E-learning integration in developing countries with a case study of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname
  33. Siskos, Christos: An IT Healthcare Platform Driving Improvements in the Dutch Healthcare Process
  34. Soekhoe, Deepak: On the Impact of Data Set Size in Transfer Learning using Deep Neural Networks
  35. Stavropoulos, Vasilis: Sport Data Analytics: Statistical analysis, comparisons and predictions for the next Olympic Games - CONFIDENTIAL
  36. Stavrou, Eleni: Requirements prioritization in Agile environments: a model for effective prioritization
  37. Sultani, Yunus: Technical perspective of performance measurement system. Measuring and improving performance with Google analytics - CONFIDENTIAL
  38. Unlu, Ilhan: Strategic Decision Making with use of Enterprise Architecture for Educational Institutions
  39. Vlyssidis, Konstantinos: Towards a Metric-based Security Model
  40. Vries, Bas de: Improvement of employment candidate selection using Data Mining - CONFIDENTIAL
  41. Wijden, Kevin van der: Market specific processes in ERP systems. An explorative study on the bulb forcing process
  42. Yang, Shuo: Linking Science and Technology: Reference Matching for Co-citation Network Analysis
  43. Zhang, Yan: Humor Recognition Based on Background Knowledge: A Preliminary Study


  1. Alberts, Stanley: Applicability of Agile Scrum within IT infrastructure projects
  2. Barendse, Remigius: ICT enabled communication for patients with final stage neurodegenerative Parkinson’s disease: Development of a communication board prototype
  3. Basit, Fate & Ramkhelawan, Prashant: Exploring the relationship between smartphone application‘™s business models, usage and culture
  4. Boonen, Finne: Understanding monetary driven and intrinsically motivated developers in open source projects
  5. Chatzistefanou Stefanos & Siskos Christos: An IT Healthcare Platform Driving Improvements in the Dutch Healthcare Process
  6. Dimitrov, Lazar: Usage-based measurement of user satisfaction in mobile applications
  7. He, Huihang: Investigating network automation at Capgemini
  8. He, Miao: Exploring the Relationship between Football Players’ Performance and Their Market Value
  9. Howard, Roger: Right of Subject Access. From request to response: An analysis of process performance
  10. Huayller Zuleta, Ramiro: Developing Entrepreneurial Spirit and Skills Through Community Building at Universities: Role of Intermediaries
  11. Ibraim, Nazike: Impact of social media for student recruitment practices at Leiden University: ArchiMate based approach
    Leiden University case study
  12. Kamal, Dhara: The Quest of synergizing multiple standards: Building a unified framework that gives insights on the relations between ITIL, ASL, BISL, TOGAF, PRINCE2 & COBIT - CONFIDENTIAL
  13. Kerkvoorden, Nicko van: The Accuracy of an RCA Tool to Identify the Fundamental Causes of an Underperforming Process - CONFIDENTIAL
  14. Koppen, Alex van: Self-Service Technology Adoption: A B2B Logistics Perspective
  15. Koppens, Steven: Optimizing Business Intelligence Through A Process-Centric Approach
  16. Lee, Brett: Combining Lean Six Sigma with the Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations.- An exploration of opportunities.
  17. Lie-Tjauw, Felicia: Evaluating the performance of Technology and Vendor selection in the architecture process - CONFIDENTIAL
  18. Liotis, Christos: Characterization and Establishment of Business-IT Alignment
  19. Meer, Lucas van der: Measuring data governance: a structured method to assess data governance maturity
  20. Middendorf, Boudewijn:Cyber Security in the Supply Chain
  21. Offerman, Tyron: Improving IT Supported Organizational Change; Formalizing Organizational Implementation Fundamentals
  22. Ohler, Hendrik: Organizational optimization: Research into DEMO and LSS to optimize a organization and their possible contribution to developing a High Performance Organization - CONFIDENTIAL
  23. Pielage, Stijn: Mobile Business Intelligence & Analytics at KLM - CONFIDENTIAL
  24. Ramkhelawan, Prashant & Basit, Fate: Exploring the relationship between smartphone application‘™s business models, usage and culture
  25. Rezai, Mohsen: Agile Maturity and Quality Metrics
  26. Routsis, Dimitrios: Method for automated reconciliation of risk rating data ‘“ With a design and implementation at ING
  27. Sakareza, Willy: Mobile Payment in Indonesia - CONFIDENTIAL
  28. Schoufour, Sven: The Application RationalizationIndicator model. A rationalization method that evaluates applications that are redundant in their functionality to help an organization with selecting the most suitable application for their business process. - CONFIDENTIAL
  29. Tan, Huan: Exploratory Research on the Concept of Data Lakes
  30. Venekamp, Klaas-Jan: The industrial use of 3D printing and its potential for process innovation in the energy sector - CONFIDENTIAL
  31. Verhoeven, Marcel: Continuous auditing adoption in the public audit domain: An exploratory study using the Technology Acceptance Model. - CONFIDENTIAL 
  32. Vermeij, Coen: Software Development Methods in Large Regulated Environments
  33. Vodegel, Erik: A Testing Framework for Mobile Apps: An Empirical Study at KLM - CONFIDENTIAL
  34. Zhang, Yaxin: Conceptual Data Model for Slot Machine Performance - CONFIDENTIAL
  35. Zheng, Lijin: Benchmarking Enterprise IT Performance:Enterprise IT performance Measurement Model - CONFIDENTIAL
  36. Zuijderduin, Gijs: “Lean” Business Intelligence: “Testing a possible “lean” framework to implement Business Intelligence in small and middle-sized enterprises, organisations and business units.” - CONFIDENTIAL


  1. Alaeikhanehshir, Mohammad: Business Intelligence Improvement ‘œHow to systematically maturate Business Intelligence within an organization‘ - CONFIDENTIAL
  2. Tom Altena: Cloud computing en MKB-organisaties in Nederland: hebben we een match? - CONFIDENTIAL. Article
  3. An, Ran: Exploratory Research on the Concept of IT Debt
  4. Andreyev, Alexander: Applying constellation of practices as the lens to understand agile transformation: case study - CONFIDENTIAL
  5. Bacaoanu, Andrada: STEEP-M: a risk analysis framework for e-Participation projects
  6. Bockhoven, Sandra: Organizational Implementation Fundamentals: a Case Study Validation at Jeugdzorg Nederland - CONFIDENTIAL
  7. Cheloi, Raman: Assessing Cloud Computing Adoption in Governments via Enterprise Architecture Motivation Modeling. A Dutch Government Case Study - CONFIDENTIAL
  8. Cui, Xi: Identification of Essential References Based on the Full Text of Scientific Papers and Its Application in Scientometrics
  9. Douramanis, Michalis: Risk assessment for the cyber threats to networked critical infrastructure
  10. Egmond, Dick van: IT Value Management through the total life cycle of investments at Dutch municipalities
  11. Gkikas, Orestis: The Rubik‘™s cube model: A metadata driven approach to access control in modern ECM systems
  12. Günther, Wendy: Measuring Enterprise Architecture Effectiveness: A Focus on Key Performance Indicators. Corrections
  13. Huang, Yunwei: Capability Maturity Model for Software Usage
  14. Ibraimov, Sabri: Developing assistive technology products for visually impaired people from users‘™ and stakeholders' perspectives
  15. Ivanova, Elitsa: Business Performance Management at the Dutch Customs A Case Study on Continuous Monitoring methods related to the Big Learning Circle - CONFIDENTIAL
  16. Khaoya, Zipporah: Data Privacy challenges in Mobile Money Transfers-The Kenyan Experience - CONFIDENTIAL
  17. Kiousis, Georgios: Systems of Engagement: "Smart Process Applications", Managing collaborative activities
  18. Koeldiep, Warsha: Improving the creation of innovative IT solutions within Dutch universities ‘“ Via a soft IT perspective
  19. Kruitbosch, Eric: Assessing the decisions made prior to the use of Enterprise Architecture as a means to govern IT projects
  20. Ladchartabi, Reza: JAMES, A Novel Way-Finding System for the Visually Impaired - CONFIDENTIAL
  21. Liu, Fei: Coalition Formation during Technology Adoption
  22. Long, Yu: Modeling Data Lineage in Enterprise Architecture - CONFIDENTIAL
  23. Major, Vera: Service-Oriented Architecture. For Healthcare Governance a Thesis
  24. Malik, Sharjeel: Transformative business models: bridging the gap between vendors, suppliers and customers - CONFIDENTIAL
  25. Meuldijk, Leon: Infrastructure management according to Enterprise Architecture
  26. Mooij, Bram de: Using Serious Games to raise awareness, train and reflect on Agile Project Management Methods in practice
  27. Oedit Doebé: Amiet:Living Labs. Engaging the end user with Social Media
  28. Osta, Jan-Paul van: Solving Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problems in Practice
  29. Paris Soares, Iria: A reference model for physical asset management - CONFIDENTIAL
  30. Ralli, Zoi: The IT aspect of Operational Risk
  31. Rijnboutt, Eric: Interorganizational enterprise architectures
  32. Silinskyte, Jurate: Understanding Bitcoin adoption: Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) application
  33. Stathias, Vasileios: Large scale identification of organizational name variants in bibliographic databases - CONFIDENTIAL
  34. Taal, Jesper: Business Transformation: From Strategy to Enterprise Architecture - CONFIDENTIAL
  35. Trixie, Levina: Security in the Implementation of Electronic Health Records in Indonesia
  36. Visser, Leonard: A grounded theory research into the adoption of Continuous Auditing by internal auditors -CONFIDENTIAL
  37. Vliet, Rody van der: Improving the effectiveness of ERP systems in organizations through the practical integration of business process models. An in-depth case study at a 3PL.

2012- 2013

  1. Altinay Soyer, Seher: Data Quality Management, A Solvency II Perspective
  2. Arora, Swati: Ensuring success of Transition and Transformation in Sourcing. Success Factors and Effective Recommendations - CONFIDENTIAL
  3. Berg, Elizabeth van den: An analysis of the impact of automation of human computer interfaces in the airplane industry
  4. Blikman, Ricardo: Ranking of Multi-Word Terms
  5. Bruin, Wouter de: Increasing the Benefits of Enterprise Architecture
  6. Cervellin, Andrea: Assessment of Mobile Application Succes: Measurement Framework and Decision Support System - CONFIDENTIAL
  7. Choden, Tshering: Empirical Analysis of Release Based Delivery, an agile approach to software development in a large organization
  8. Ferwerda, Adry: A longitudinal study on the effects of introducing MD*/DSL modeling on productivity in software maintenance
  9. Genova, Rali: Extending the Context of Agility ‘“ A Conceptual Model for Program and Portfolio Management of Agile Software Development Projects.
  10. Hoedelmans, Martijn: A Guide for the Selection of a Project Specific Software Development Type - CONFIDENTIAL
  11. Horz, Jeannette: Managing portfolios of agile software development projects: how do organizations do it?
  12. Jagbandhan, Jaswant: Platform-as-a-Service impacting Enterprise Agility
  13. Kaldenbach, Michael: Cross-Border Innovation Intermediary: Insights from Institutional Perspective
  14. Kinneging, Xander: Enterprise Architecture & Quality Management Integration. An explorative study - CONFIDENTIAL
  15. Kroon, Egbert: Maintenance staff, please board the project, you are delaying the handover: A research on the artifacts of knowledge transfer in Agile software development projects - CONFIDENTIAL
  16. Liu, Simon: A Case study to look at the adherence of Industial Process Descriptions for Global Software Development
  17. Lo, James: Measuring agile projects for portfolio management using project outcome
  18. Masey, Jonathan: A conceptual model: Identifying the drivers of pricing elasticity in Electronics.
  19. Mathoera, Ashwin: An information architecture design for the Cold Phase of the POPULATION CARE process: an explorative study
  20. Paliogiorgos, Fotios: Global Digital Marketing at Adidas
  21. Philippo, Erik-Jan: An Empirical Evaluation of the Impact of Requirement Ambiguity on Software Projects in a Financial Organisation
  22. Rhijn, Herman van: Enterprise Design for a digital study and work environment. Changes in educational logistics
  23. Sluijsmans, Bas: Information exchange in the Dutch Public sector. A case study into the Digital Client Dossier - CONFIDENTIAL
  24. Soerdjbali, Suraj: How to improve fundraising in small Dutch charities using an app and user engagement
  25. Veger, Edwin: Mining the Wiki Game
  26. Wahyuni, Irna : Providing Mobile Money to Unbanked Customers
  27. Wel, Roy van: How can organizations cope with Agile software development practices?
  28. Wiering, David: Bring Your Own Device. An implementation model
  29. Zhang, Sophie: An Exploratory Examination of the Practicability of COBIT framework


  1. Martine Kea: Exposing Technology Impact via Enterprise Architecture. An Intel Active Management Technology Case Study
  2. Martin Bouterse: Social Engineering and Phishing Part I & II - CONFIDENTIAL
  3. Alexandra Caraghiulea: Strategic Business!IT Alignment:Defining an innovative alignment model for IT governance improvement in major financial groups
  4. Marin Goedegebure: Influence of inspirational leadership on virtual teams in global software development, testing and support
  5. Soroush Setodeh Haghighi: The Matchmaking Process in high-tech open Innovation R&D Paradigm from Guanxi Perspective: the case of China
  6. Georgios Valaouras: Financial Bootstrapping in small Technology-based Firms. Exploring the practices, motivation and influencing factors of using alternative sources of financing
  7. Robin van den Broek: Integrating Testing and Quality Assurance into the Agile Software Development Process Scrum
  8. Marco Schönfelder: Data Movement Analysis of Automotive CAE Processes in a Development Environment
  9. Peter Hendriks: Finding the role of disease-specific, standardised Electronic Health Records in a Hospital‘™s Information Architecture, closing the Policy-Practice Gap; A case-Study approach
  10. Harry Fulgencio: Living Lab: Innovation through Pastiche. A research linking disparate and discorded ontology)
  11. Xiaoran Liu: Data Quality Issues in Reporting in Investment Management at ING and Recommended Solutions -CONFIDENTIAL
  12. Rick van den Hengel: Benefits and Change Management. ‘œHow can the benefits management approach and change management improve IS/IT investments from a business point of view?‘ -CONFIDENTIAL
  13. Marco Kanis: Mapping the IT Security Risks in the laaS Cloud
  14. Andres Hernan Zapata Chavez: IT Estimation process: Accuracy and Value Creation
  15. Ricardo Alanis Barrera: Value of IT Consulting Services: Service and Relationship Quality as Value Generators -CONFIDENTIAL
  16. Rut Elsa Torres Vargas: A Quality Model for UML Models and Its Application to Industrial Case Studies
  17. Sander Hutman: Extraction of spreadsheet model for OLAP database


  1. Bogumila Sobolewska: Business value of online communities in public sector
  2. Christian Schouten: The search for a set of relevant KPI's
  3. Marco Hofman: Text mining in Dutch reports with a specific vocabulary
  4. Michael de Groot: Virtual Collaborative Work as Weak Ties
  5. Petr Hyl: Instability Evolution in International Joint Ventures
  6. Adrian Kentsch: Exploratory Recommendations Using Wikipedia's Linking Structure
  7. Sjaak Koot: Applying the Capability Approach to ICT4D Projects, an Organisational Perspective
  8. Ruben van de Wouden: How does the relationship between behavioral uncertainty and trust evolve in an interorganizational relation?
  9. Jelle de Groot: Incorporating Software Quality in the Capitalization of Software as an Asset
  10. Matthijs Bierman: Empirical research into Gateway-reviews at the Dutch national government -CONFIDENTIAL
  11. Soerin Bipat: How can the adaptation behavior of IT project managers, within the Dutch government, be explained in situations of political involvement?
  12. Robbert van Eijk: Web Tracking Detection System (TDS) An effective strategy to reduce systematic monitoring and profiling of user habits across websites
  13. Gengsi Sun: Introducing RPB model for stakeholder management in ING lending transformation programme
  14. Clemens Timmermans: The changing laws of business agility, A case study on improving business agility in case of legislative change
  15. Kas Ramjiawan: Wat Is de toegevoegde waarde van Enterprise Architectuur bij het realiseren van bedrijfsdoelstellingen?


  1. Teppo Helles: Institutional Influences to Business Strategy in Emerging Economies: A strategic planning framework for multinational corporations contemplating market entry into China
  2. Jan Udes: Haalbaarheidsonderzoek naar de mogelijkheden van e-learning ten behoeve van een veiliger gebruik van sociale netwerk sites door licht verstandelijk beperkte kinderen
  3. Tim van Meurs: Lean Software Development The role of processes and of preconditions for success
  4. Sander van der Zon: Process improvement of the purchase process via an enterprise architecture maturity model
  5. Arjan Assink: Social Media as a recruitment tool
  6. Raluca Toader: An analysis of the effects of security requirements on planned project resources
  7. Istran Dulos: Requirements reviewing in a software factory: A case study
  8. Christian Wittenberg: Is Outsourcing Killing or Kindling Innovation?
  9. Klaas-Dirk van Opstal: Platform based software development
  10. Matheus Vlasveld: Web 2.0. patterns, The implications on web content management, document management and knowledge management
  11. Marco Katwijk: Transparant decision making for the IT Project portfolio
  12. Georgios Roussakis: Designing IT Organizations: Analyzing Important Design Options and providing a Decision Support Framework
  13. Stefan Guijt: Business Intelligence Risk Framework. A new approach for auditing a Business Intelligence environment. - CONFIDENTIAL
  14. Ying Hua: Evaluation of a Diphone-based Synthesis Method for a Chinese Text-to-speech system
  15. Dimitiros Kritsilis: Trust and Globally Distributed Software Development (GDSD) teams: Exploring the importance of building and maintaining trust among distributed team members from the perspective of GDSD project management.
  16. Erwin Marges: Alignment of Information Systems for Innovative Objectives: The case of the SAVE ENERGY Architecture in a Living Lab Experiment
  17. Tiantian Gu: A comparison of critical success factors among Non-University based Business Incubators in the Netherlands
  18. Rene de Groot: Realization of operational excellence in virtual network organizations
  19. Reyner Karnali: The Adoption of e-Commerce Enabled Supply Chain Management by the Indonesian Grocery Industry


  1. Jos de Groot: Business IT Alignment and a Market Orientation
  2. Raymond de Vos: Networks and information technology: Citizens taking responsibility and participate within a changing health care environment
  3. Sandhya Lalloesingh: Exploring the operational working routines in the domain of virtual projects
  4. Peter Bargon: Building a Cost Effective Vendor Management Service
  5. Constantijn Bakker: Towards balancing business- and it interests in architectural design decisions
  6. Andre Jonker: Value of ‘œCollaboration Platform‘For Knowledge Intensive Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (KI-SMEs)
  7. Carl Suares: Project Management Steps towards professionalization
  8. Jurjen Borst: The weight of Corporate Culture in the ERP Software Selection Process
  9. Rene Noorduin Grecco: Local Governments, How Change Process Analysis Can be Used to Explain Why E-Participation Projects Fail
  10. Yuguang Shi: Application of Kriging on Auto Insurance Premium Calculation Modeling
  11. Qiaoya Wang: Applying Density Estimation Model to Driving Behavior Analysis
  12. Fabian Ifland: External IT Application Complexity and its impact on the organization
  13. Qingjing Yang: Audit: An Integration Oriented Internal Control and Monitor Tool for Process Management --A Case study of Canon CR process
  14. Lei Zeng: Change Management in Software Process Improvement ‘“ the case of a global financial group
  15. Stefan Zhelyazkov: Business Value of software in SMEs
  16. Stef Cobelens: Exploring in-game advertising in first person shooters
  17. Gerrit van der Meijden: IT Project Standards In A Globally Distributed Organization
  18. Libing Qiu: A Comparison of Process Descriptions and Specifications in the Offshored Software Development Industry
  19. Dejan Radosavljevik: Prepaid Churn Modeling Using Customer Experience Management Key Performance Indicators
  20. Jan Visser: Beheersing of afstemming


  1. Wojchiech Chowanski: Towards flash crowd proof web services
  2. Bauke Fahner: EA Framework
  3. Egon Gleisberg: Employing Criteria for Prioritizing and Selecting Projects for the IT Portfolio
  4. Robert Laman: Assessing the added value of project management methods ‘“ the case of InFraMe
  5. Chen Li: An Exploratory Research about Comparison between Current Care Process and Telemedicine Care Process
  6. Tsoe Loong Li: Measuring performance of not-for-profit organizations
  7. Tao Ma: A Way of Improving Sales Process
  8. Christos Mileos: Examining the Relationship between IT Governance Software and Business Value of IT: A Questionnaire Based Approach
  9. Sonny Juma Nyeko: e-Business models for Telecentres in developing countries: Sustainability for Social Entrepreneurs
  10. Jasper Odijk: Alignment of IT and business strategies: A case study of strategic alignment and its underlying processes and capabilities at homecare service organizations
  11. Patrick den Oudsten: Adoption of open source CRM: towards a framework for open source CRM adoption
  12. Jorge Andres Osorio Socho: Evaluation of different strategies for the implementation of RUP within KLM. Using a simulation-based methodology of systems thinking called systems dynamics
  13. Konstantinos Skliris: Adoption of computer mediated communication systems in virtual trams
  14. Sanna Tauriainen: Corporate culture & Knowledge Sharing
  15. Chung-ming Tsai: Account sales
  16. Panagiotis Vodinas: Change Management in Information systems - Implementations that Depend Heavily on External Partners
  17. Folkert van Wagenberg: Assessment of Business-information security alignment
  18. Ting Wang: A process study on end users‘™ post-adoptive behavior
  19. Xin Wang: Aspect-oriented Programming Aided High-level test automation enhancement
  20. Xinyu Jiang: Strategic decision-making on ICT R&D projects: Integation of Real Option Reasoning with Technology Roadmapping
  21. Di Yu: Building dynamic capabilities of project development: a study on management practices in a global IT project


  1. G. Vasquez: The role of datamining in the provision of relative value of growth
  2. Z. Xu: Secure employee knowledge exchange in multinational cooperation ‘“ A theoretical model
  3. S. Blom: Corporate social responsibility and online shopping
  4. R. Sparnaaij: Bridging the gap between intra-organizational mobile collaboration scenarios and tools
  5. J. Harders: Planning in disruptive environments
  6. Ch. Satbhai: Mainframe capacity planning
  7. Z. Ni: Recommendations for an improved transactional forecasting tool
  8. N. Xu: Explanation interfaces in recommender systems, model in ABN AMRO
  9. Y. Zhang: An empirical study on abnormal returns from M&A activities in ICT industry
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