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Master ICT in Business


Students from all over the world join our M.Sc. ICT in Business programme. For some 24 months they will become part of the student community of the oldest and possibly the most prestigious University in The Netherlands and one of the most renowned academic institutions in Europe. A university that prides itself with a tradition in innovation; researching and teaching the latest developments across a wide range of disciplines, in close cooperation with industry.


ICT has become a vital part of the competitive strategies of many companies. This situation does not only require a new perspective on the application of ICT, it also places different demands on IT Professionals. This New Manager is not only familiar with the latest developments in ICT, but is also capable of translating them to added value for organisations and their customers.

The modern IT professional will play an increasingly important role in making any company successful. It is his or her responsibility to align business operations and information technology ‘“ to develop a vision, to communicate. Both knowledge of IT and Business skills are essential.

ICT in Business

The M.Sc. in ICT in Business has been designed to provide a flexible framework for graduate study in Information Management and is of particular interest to participants wishing to pursue an international career involving both ICT and Management. The programme analyses how ICT enables innovations in all business areas including marketing, operations, finance, strategy and of course IT itself. The programme is flexible allowing for international exchanges and offering opportunities for in-company thesis projects with many leading organizations inside and outside The Netherlands.


After finishing M.Sc. ICT in Business, job opportunities are excellent and diverse, ranging from consultancy to IT management and from entrepreneurship to PhD research. Graduates of our programme are particularly suitable for a career path leading to Chief Information Officer in large organisations. They have found jobs in all the above categories, both within Europe and outside, in industry, government and universities.

Master day

Visit us on one of our masterdays. Next one is on Friday 4 November 2016.

For more information you can download the slides from the information session of 10 October 2014.

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