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  1. Nuno Rico: Image Classification on Flickr using TOP-SURF Visual Word Kit
  2. Tom Groentjes: Holography and Kinect
  3. Benjamin van der Burgh: An Evolutionary Algorithm for Finding Diverse Sets of Molecules with User-Defined Properties
  4. Michiel Vos:Self-Tracking with Multiple Sensor Systems
  5. Shi Hao Zijdemans: Contracting in Agile Software Projects: Current Challenges and New Possible Solutions
  6. Stefan Buijsman: Typing Streams
  7. Tobias Kappé: Linear Stream Circuits and Rational Streams: there and back again
  8. Mark Hoekveen: Infinite 3D Worlds
  9. Pepijn van Heiningen: Evaluation of Image Quilting Algorithms
  10. Umut Ozaydin: Robustness in Salient Point Detection
  11. Bart Hijmans: Multi-objective Generation of Bicycle Routes
  12. Jesper van Engelen: Guided Rewriting in Families of Languages
  13. Mathijs van de Nes: Coverability and Extended Petri Nets
  14. Joost Leuven: Testing of Channel Based Service Connectors  
  15. Sander van Rijn: Implementing a Model Checker for Simple Recursive Languages
  16. Florian Treurniet: The Leiden Zipper a bridging Architecture
  17. Mathé Zeegers: A kinetic Monte Carlo implementation of the Cellular Potts Model with SciQL
  18. Alexander Leznar: A Start List Scheduling and Optimization Algorithm for Equestrian Events
  19. Ruud Heesterbeek: A Genetic Algorithm for the Travelling Salesman Problem with Area Constraints
  20. Erik Hollander: Multi-scale map visualization
  21. Boyd Witte: Plagiarism Detection in C++ Programs


  1. Maja Jakobik: Novius Model in Archimate
  2. Frank van Rijn: Niching for Finding Robust Optima
  3. Martin Wimmers: Designing and Implementing a System for the Evolutionary Optimization of an Airfoil
  4. Stefan Schrama: Shikaku
  5. Arjan van Zadelhoff:UML Class Diagram Simplification: A Survey Study
  6. Jan-Paul van Osta: Routing with Ant Colony Algorithms in Continuous Spaces
  7. Leroy van Delft: Efficient Equivalence Checking of Regular Expressions
  8. Tyron Offerman: Maintaining a Software System with the Use of Domain-Specific Languages
  9. Erik Massop: Hilbert's tenth problem
  10. Paul Kasteleyn: TBA
  11. Erik Zandvliet: Developing an Ant System with Visual Support
  12. Duncan Rozemond: Multiple Objective Portfolio Optimization using Evolution Strategies
  13. Piet van Hekke: On the Scalability of Evolution Strategies on High-Dimensional Problems
  14. Xander Croes: 3D Visualization of Mycobacterium infection on Zebrafish
  15. Fee Yun Wong: Using Software Design Principles for Software Systems
  16. Jan Kalmeijer: Extracting Information from an Energy Expenditure Dataset
  17. Thijs van Ommen: The Assignment Problem on Sets of Strings
  18. Ramon de Graaff: Authorship Attributing using Compression Distances
  19. Lucas van der Meer: Ready for the future in health informatics: towards semantic interoperability in dermatology
  20. Floris Kleyn: An Investigation into Recommendation Algorithms
  21. Matthijs van Drunen: Porting S.M.A.C.K. to the x86 Architecture
  22. Erwin Haas: Automated Classification of Skin Diseases using Tile-Based Texture Features
  23. Jouke Witteveen: Minng Hyperintervals: Getting to Grips with Real-Valued Data


  1. Bertram Bourdrez: Improving MAPNIK with Label Placement Algorithms
  2. Hugo Schoonewille: Software Architecture Documentation: A Cognitive Perspective
  3. Anton Hunsucker: Investigation into a Domain-Specific Language for Securities Trading Operations
  4. Christiaan Schouten: Never Marry a Woman with Big Feet
  5. Edwin Veger: Hashing Methods in Sokoban
  6. Rick van der Zwet: Exploratory Research on Embedding CUDA code Into Heterogeneous MP-SoC Architectures Programmed with the Daedalus Framework
  7. Rene Verhage: Analysis and Execution of Reverse Engineering Software Code to Generate Software Documentation
  8. Joppe Kroon: Build Structuur voor Compaan met Eclipse CDT
  9. Sander van der Vlugt: Coverability Tree Constructions and Inhibitor Places
  10. Iris Hupkens: Identifying Prominent Actors in Social Networks
  11. Bas van Stein: The Beginning of a Theory for Set-Nets
  12. Martijn Keizer: A Database and Interface System for Gathering and Providing Sampling Data on Volcanic Lakes
  13. Xiwen Cheng: High Density Multi-Cell Wireless Networks
  14. Maarten Groeneweg: Active Guided Evolution Strategy for Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problems
  15. Chris Mulder: Challenges of Web Application Development: How to Optimize Client-side Code
  16. Bogumila Sobolewska: When Applications are Business Processes: An ArchiMate Based Explanation
  17. Derk Geene: The NLP-Editor: A case study about Eclipse Plug-In development
  18. James Lo: Automated Safety Analysis for Supporting Design of System Architectures
  19. Jonathan Neuteboom: Analysis of Pre-Genome Assembly of Lymnaea Stagnalis
  20. Roy Kensmil: Modeling Kahn Process Networks in the Dynamic Dataflow Formalism


  1. Menno Luiten: The Anatomy of a Collaborative Image Search System
  2. Barry van Veen: Multiobjective Particle Swarm Algorithm for Building Design Optimization
  3. Johan IJsveld: Camera Controlled Robot
  4. Johan de Ruiter: On Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzles and Related Topics
  5. Wouter de Zwijger: Demonstration Tools for Petri Nets
  6. Jurriaan Rot: A Pushdown System Representation for Unbounded Object Creation
  7. Robin van den Broek: Visualizing the Level of Detail in UML Models
  8. Jaron Vietor: Multithreading voor iedereen
  9. Ben Kwint: How do we look at UML?
  10. Harma Everts: Art or Artificial
  11. Wouter Zomervrucht: De Complexiteit van Buchbergers Algoritme
  12. Derk Mus: Signal Browser
  13. Giso Dal: An Approach to Map Sequential Applications onto Multi-Processor Platforms
  14. Oswald de Bruin: Calculating and Predicting. Five or More
  15. Thijs Vermeulen, Jelle Oosterhof: Image optimization, feature extraction and classification in Neurobiology: "Dendritic spines under stress"
  16. Simon Zaaijer: Bundle Tracing using Geometric Algebra
  17. Derk Geene: The NLP-Editor: A Case Study about Eclipse Plug-In-Development
  18. Anton den Hoed: Parsing and Conversion of SMILES-Strings to Molecular Graphs
  19. Zeki Karaca: Discovering Intelligence in a Natural Environment
  20. Robert Marijt: Multi-objective Robust Optimization Algorithms for Improving Energy Consumption and Thermal Comfort of Buildings


  1. Pieter Jordaan: The Animated Abacus
  2. Stefan Wink: Analysis and visualisation of defects in software projects
  3. Frank van Gemeren: High-Performance Framework for Web Applications
  4. Kristian Rietveld: Distributed Approaches for Discovering Unique Factors in the Human Genome
  5. Sjoerd van Egmond: Smart Autofill for Photos in Albums
  6. Sjaak Wolff: Cell-Forum: Collaborative Multi-User Virtual World Applications + appendix
  7. Jens van de Water: Subsumption Architecture-Based Social Interactive Robot Arm
  8. Hans Wortel and Thomas Dorsman: From Closed-Loop Video to 3D Model Via Silhouettes
  9. Kerem Denizmen: VN Movie Recommender
  10. Abbas Peymani: Cluster 2.0: Collaboration makes Innovation Happen
  11. Timo Morsink: Hashiwokakero
  12. Jonathan Vis: Particle Swarm Optimizer for Finding Robust Optima


  1. Ronald Huizer: Libptrace-Across-platform process manipulation API
  2. Jasper Stafleu: Paradigm
  3. Frank Takes: Sokoban: Reversed Solving
  4. Erik Gast, Stijn de Gouw: Hoge kwaliteit video op een lage bandbreedte verbinding
  5. Amit Oemraw: SubCVS: Merging version control systems in a servlet-based repository browser
  6. Mladen Vavic: Bridge between C and Java applications by means of XML
  7. Michiel Pouw: Aspect-oriented Programming in PHP
  8. Jori van Lier: Supporting the Designer in: writing Nested Loop Programs using Eclipse
  9. Eyal Halm: Genetic Algorithm for Predicting Protein Folding in the 2D HP Model
  10. Arjan Assink: Comparing today's most used web development languages
  11. Jeroen Mets: Monte Carlo Stratego
  12. Edgar Reehuis: Multiobjective Optimization of Water Distribution Networks
  13. Ramon van Dam: Takegaki
  14. Susan Laraghy: Refining Probability Motifs for the Discovery of Existing Patterns of DNA
  15. Bart van der Drift: 3D Worlds for Collaborative Work
  16. Saskia Hiltemann: Multi-coloured Cellular Automata
  17. Erik Jongsma: Automatically Checking Group Diffie-Hellman and Xor in the Strand Space Model
  18. Johan Groenen: Nurikabe
  19. Andrew Li: Neuraal Winkelen
  20. Tim van Meurs: Comparing Methods for Solving Kuromasu Puzzles


  1. Joris Huizer: Jorix Kernel: real-time scheduling (deel 1), Jorix Kernel: real-time scheduling (deel 2)
  2. Michiel Helvensteijn: Applying data mining to the study of joseki
  3. Timo de Vries: Digibeter
  4. Bas Kaptijn: Generative Programming through Inheritance
  5. Klaas-Dirk van Opstal: Digibeter


  1. M. Vijfhuize: SubCVS: merging version control systems in bases repository browser
  2. J. Cormont: Content Management Systeem
  3. T.L. Li: Using Aritifical Intelligence to solve Gin rummy
  4. J. Stafleu: Paradigm
  5. S. van Haastregt: An Interactive Approach to Area and Performance Optimization for Superscalar Processors
  6. A. van Beelen: Lightning Engine-Ray tracing with KD-trees
  7. J. Guzman Carmona: Bridge between C and Java applications by means of XML
  8. J. Louw: Description with UML for a Hotel Reservation System
  9. S. Henstra, R. van der Zwan: Artificial intelligence and data mining applied to no-limit Texas Hold'em


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